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RR with delta manipulator
I plan to build delta type robot (parallel manipulator) to moving collects objects from moving conveyor. Roboreal...
7 years 1 2022
Cannnot get either mailbox nxt-g examples to work
Hi there, I am not able to get either of the mialbox nxt-g examples to work. I have checked setting...
7 years 1 989
new research
This article seems pretty neat.  I believe roborealm could do some of this. ...
7 years 1 896
Dream Cheeky Missile Launcher
Hello I would like some help what i am trying to do is control my DC missile launcher
7 years 1 1246
Cheap Hokuyo Sensor
Hokuyo Laser Range Finder URG Robot Sensor going for cheap: ...
7 years 1 1040
Passing a speech variable to Spykee
I'm not sure if this is already possible, but I suspect not. I would like to be able to use the "Speak" module to pass a spee...
7 years 1 810
Dagu Spider Controller
Hey Steve Is it possible to interface the Dagu Robot Controller to Roborealm?
7 years 1 1084
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
7 years 1 804
Donation License
Could I please have a donation license? Im 13 and am currently building a robot. I Needed the AVR Module, DVR and roborealm. Tha...
7 years 1 804
Phidget servo no found error
I'm trying to use the Phidgets Advanced servo board. I have installed the drivers, ran the "advance servo test full" solution...
7 years 1 1515
Write Images
When 'Write Images <file path\\file name>' command is executed, it opens 'Write Image File' dialig box. In order to sa...
7 years 1 939
Robot Vision w/ RoboRealm
You may recall the Sample Return Robot Challenge from last spring. I have started to analyze the challenge with the idea of cons...
7 years 1 899
Write Image Files
Hello STeven, Regarding Write Image Files command, I request following information: ...
7 years 1 892
AR Drone
PUKU on the AR Drone 2 projects forum: (https://projects.ardrone.org/boards/1/topics/show/4957#message-5046) has just released a...
7 years 1 994
Is Roborealm integrated with ROS?
Is there an integration between ROS and Roborealm that allows for example shipping a sensor_msgs/Image message from ROS to Robor...
7 years 1 1156
Robotix Events 2013
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 4 Febr...
7 years 1 800
PhidgetServo not found
Hi, I am trying to connect the Phidget Advanced Servo 8-Motor controller to RoboRealm.
7 years 1 817
I've bought one license of this software. I've installed it to my laptop. Everything operates well. Thx.
7 years 1 789
Interfacing Problem
Dear STeven, Thanks for your generous help. We've some urgent questions about Interfacing between...
7 years 1 820
GPU Support & Choosing a GPU
Any idea by when we will have GPU support? I am buying a laptop that would support this, any recom...
7 years 1 898

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