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Something new about ardrone? Can't wait for roborealm connectet to this flying cam :-)...
10 years 1 1482
Remote For sale
Hey Guys I am looking to sell this commercial remote It is a brand new robot remote made by Inuktun, It is built i...
9 years 1 992
New Roboshow
Hey Everyone I am casting for a groundbreaking mechanized robotic competition show, and I am looking for great people! Think Rea...
9 years 1 1018
Robots' Intellect 2012
Dear colleagues, We are writing you on behalf of Student Science Association of Kaunas University o...
9 years 1 986
Roboteq Module?
I was wondering when and if a Roboteq Module will be created? I have read other form posts asking for people to contact Roboteq...
9 years 1 985
How would I pass information to my robot?
I recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm and it looks great!  It really doesn't look too hard to use - I...
9 years 1 985
UBUNTU oneiric no image
Hello, I installed RoboRealm 2.44.2 with wine on my UBUNTU 11.10 oneiric. The prroblem is that RoboRealms screen k...
9 years 1 1299
MSRDS VPL Get Variable program
Hi Steven, Can you please upload a simple VPL program that uses the RoboRealm interface in VPL to d...
9 years 1 1239
Ar drone-RR
Hi Steven , Any news from parrot ? the SDK 1.7 is released for a while . thanks Dotan...
9 years 1 1386
Kinect Noise
The Kinect depth map is very noisy, making it very hard to try and do motion tracking. Is there some way to filter this noise al...
9 years 1 1070
RGB filter
I am trying to duplicate the results I get using the RGB filter in a case where I can not use RoboRelm.  The basic fil...
9 years 1 1108
Polulu mini maestro compass
Hi, I am new at this and have a question. I am making an ROV and am going to use roborealm to drive the servos ect via polulu mi...
9 years 1 1036
Robotic arm usb
Hi. Has anyone got a working alternative to support this product with the USB interface ? ...
9 years 1 990
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
9 years 1 1042
How can I make my car autonomous
I want to make my own platform with servos (Parallax servo controller) I want to know Step by step how to do this, The car will...
9 years 1 2084
iphone camera and sensors for robots
Hello everyone. I am a lego nxt enthusiast and hobby robot builder and have been experimenting with using the came...
9 years 1 1138
Autonymous Navigation
You guys are SO close to Autonymous Navigation in a changing situation.  I know that this is a hard thing to do. But,...
9 years 1 984
Save picture upon triggering with the If statement
How could I command Roborealm to save the picture upon triggering with the If statement? I am aware of under the loading and sav...
9 years 1 986
Feature extraction using a laser measurement system
Hi all, I have currently a project running and my task is to detect chairs and tables using only a...
9 years 1 988
Path name anomalies
In the Hallicination post I'd remarked on apparent corruption of the  path name to the object when usin...
9 years 1 1158

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