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Checkboard based calibration
  Its posible the automatic calibration of a camera based on the typical checkboard? &nbs...
8 years 1 1057
Robot arm control and inverse kinematics
Is there a way (or module) that i can use to drive a robot arm? It is a 3dof arm. So a coxa servo ( that one is easy since it on...
8 years 1 1539
help me for(time and date)
hi.i have a problem with time,i want to have time and date as variable,i can show them on my screen but cant get them from robor...
8 years 1 930
Phidgetsbc or webservice
I was looking at your phidget module and there does not seem to be anyway to communicate with the phidegets remotely over TCP th...
8 years 1 1015
WiFi ServoContoller
Hello everyone I'm working in Switzerland on a little robot which is controlled with Endurance Ser...
8 years 1 1022
Blob Filtering and finding COG of each blob individually
So Basically, i have narrowed down the code to show different blobs... but not i want the COG coordinates for each...
8 years 1 1047
Sensoray Frame Grabber 611
Any suggestions on how to use a Sensoray Frame Grabber model 611 with RoboRealm?  ...
8 years 1 1506
Support for SD-84 card
Steven,    Just curious. do you have support for the SD-84 84 channel card? Can one of th...
8 years 1 899
Playing with tracking
   I have had a hard time understanding the tutorials (not your fault, mine.) until I got to some Video tutorials. The...
8 years 1 1052
people counting
i am unable to create blob_count. i am using the latest version (2.37.13) which i just downloaded recently. could anyone help me...
8 years 1 983
Audio streaming
Can anyone suggest a program to stream audio from a mic to HTTP so I can 'listen in' to the web interface when the robot is ou...
8 years 1 1222
Need an image/video processing programmer
I'm not sure if this is the right place to do this, so I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong place. I was referre...
8 years 1 864
Using RoboRealm in the JAUS Universal Remote Control Interface
Has anyone created a JAUS Universal Remote Control driver for RoboRealm? I'm wanting to control mu...
8 years 1 990
Hokuyo URG Laser
Hello Everyone, I have a Hokuyo URG laser sensor (-04LX-UG01), I would like to connect the device to my laptop(Win...
8 years 1 1036
Robo Claw 2x24 motor controller
I have a Sabertooth 2x24 and 2x50 motor drivers which work well with the Dimension Engineering/Sabertooth module. ...
8 years 1 1433
Possible to run RoboRealm as a service?
is it possible to run RoboRealm as a service in order to have it start on a server machine with windows, without a need for anyo...
8 years 1 966
GPS Waypoints
Is there an easy way to integrate GPS into my project?  I am pretty new to programming VB.  I want to use th...
8 years 1 969
Multiple SRV-1 control over different internet source
Hi, I'm working on a project to control 6 robots, most probably SRV-1, in the same area. The users...
8 years 1 794
~ Free Robotic Resource ~
Offer Many free Robotic Reference, you will like it if you are a robotic fan: ...
8 years 1 1438
Problem with URG-04LX laser scanner module
I bought a URG-04LX laser scanner and I am trying to interface it to RoboRealm module. I have a problem:
8 years 1 2982

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