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Hi Steve! I tried the program that you sent but it did not work. I even tried to upgrade to the lat...
8 years 1 777
Suggestion 4-U
I think there is a new board out there that you would be wise to have support for. It is made in Canada and is called the EZ-B c...
8 years 1 811
How can a moving cam objectively determine others movements?
I'm still new to roborealm but I've been wondering for a while. if i have a camera put on a rotating servo, and rotate the ser...
8 years 1 918
One question of HSV convert problem
Hi: I have one question of HSV convert problem. When I apply HSV Channel from camera,...
8 years 1 1216
Object recognition templates share
Hey guys,     Does anyone have a large collection of object recognition templat...
8 years 1 1073
OSC problem communication
Hello, I download 2 help files (for RoboRealm and vvvv) for testing OSC module. vvvv and others soft...
8 years 1 1664
Media Reader Keep looping!
Hi, I have RR 2.41.0 and media_reader keeps looping the files even when Loop Playback is unchecked....
8 years 1 1742
Design of RoboRealm
STeven- I was wondering if you could share more details on RoboRealm from a programming perspective...
8 years 1 1123
Inconsistency in getVariable results
Hi, I have been observing an inconsistency in results obtained from the getVariable method.
8 years 1 1231
Meade DSI II
Any chance of adding support for Meade DSI II astronomical cameras? Seems like RoboRealm would be a perfect fit for both process...
8 years 1 1161
Recognition led sequences
I downloaded the Roborealm demo last week. I have to record with a webcam the led sequences that identify errors in an electrica...
8 years 1 1000
Self balancing bicycle prototype using flywheel(reaction wheel)
Hello everybody, Well I'm a level 4 mechatronics students from Mauritius and doing my project on a self balanced...
8 years 1 1706
system that follows a real glider performing aerobatics
Hello, totally new to RoboRealm. I found you on ...
8 years 1 772
biomedical engg.
Robotics r our life help in people...
8 years 1 826
detecting multiple balls with different colour
Hi: I'm trying to make a score keeping system for snooker. I'll need my system to detect different coloured ball...
7 years 1 1069
image segmentation
Hi!   I need a C# coding for automatic segmentation using bayesian network algorithm. Plz help me if any...
8 years 1 2114
utilisation roborealm avec interface polulu (servo pan hilt)
bonjour il y a t'il des francophones qui utilisent Roborealm ? je souhaiterai l'utilisť pour un...
8 years 1 918
HELP Arduino 328 with build in microcontroller Path Planning
Hi, anyone I am currently using Arduino 328, Has just discovered this useful software Roborealm, I do not understand the logic h...
8 years 1 1023
Hi, I have the USB2Dynamixel and have attached 6 servos to it. Unfortunately RR cannot detect them!...
8 years 1 2115
Tracking Shopping Carts
How effective would Roborealm be for identifying and positional tracking of a shopping cart going through a check out lane? ...
8 years 1 815

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