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hello, does roborealm have a feature wherein it would keep track of all the variables that are displayed and store them in an ar...
9 years 1 927
Re Roborealm and leaf
Hi guys, quick question regarding roborealm and leaf robots. I have built a leaf robot who is now running, my main question is h...
9 years 1 1358
setParameter for ButtonInterface
I am having trouble implementing a dynamic button interface. I have an array of values that correspond to csv files that are loa...
9 years 1 1489
Camera oscillation
I've got a servo mounted webcam following a blue object. To get a quicker response I set the 'Min Processing FPS' to 30. Now...
9 years 1 1096
Bug in Optical Flow Module or my reasoning?
Hi STeven et. al., I'm coming back to the issue of using the Eliminate Global Flow checkbox in the...
9 years 1 1045
Visually Guided Reaching and Grasping
Hello, I thought some of you might be interested in a recent video I made of my robot tracking two...
9 years 1 1053
How to convert from jpeg 2 IplImage (opencv)
Hello My question is about how to convert from a jpg image in memory (inside a uchar*)  t...
9 years 1 2546
Dear Sir, I use the SRV1 blackfin with two servos connected to TMR6 and TMR7. Using PicoC compiler I...
9 years 1 2510
Writing and Reading Variables
Currently I do not have RoboRealm and I have already downloaded the trial so I can't download it again.  But I was wo...
9 years 1 1153
Lynxmotion Motor Control
Hi, I am controlling my lynxmotion robotic arm using roborealm for a checkers playing robot project...
9 years 1 1124
Help with creating a program
I am just learning how to use LEGO mindstorms. I am trying to keep my robot in a black circle until it sees red. When it sees bl...
9 years 1 964
I decided to build a small robot so I could test software for my large 300 lb robot Ethel. I built this little guy using a Lynxm...
9 years 1 4366
Implementing side fill ,top most point modules in matlab
Hi everyone, I am trying to make obstacle avoidance robot using computer vision.As apart of it want to implement side fill, top...
9 years 1 975
Eyeball tracking
Hi , i m studying in Msc (Computer science). Can any one please suggest me topics for my final year project. Domai...
9 years 1 965
Using Roborealm to control multiple NXT bricks
Hi, I am new to roborealm and I was wondering if you could send data collected by roborealm to two NXT bricks controlling them a...
9 years 1 1170
University Discount?
My professor wants to purchase a copy of roborealm.  Is there any discount available for a university purchase?...
9 years 1 1016
object tracking
hi, i am working on roborealm for object tracking & i use 89v51rd2 mikro c. And i am taking a example which is given in the robo...
9 years 1 1004
TCP/IP programming
Hi, I am trying to write a simple program that sets the speed of the motors used in this robot
9 years 1 1457
Any experience with Bumblebee2 stereo camera?
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Bumblebee2 stereo camera from Point Grey Research? (http://www.ptgrey.com/pro...
9 years 1 1403
Roborealm with SRV1
Hi , i am using RR with SRV1 , When i am trying to use the SRV1 GPIO ( 0 to 15 while the RR supports 10 to 15) eve...
9 years 1 1251

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