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Building a system to match faces to a database
Hi all, I want to build a face matching system using roborealm. I need the program to do the follow...
7 years 1 1172
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
7 years 1 924
object recognition
I tried windows voice recognition and it doesn't work hardly at all.  other people at the police department still use...
7 years 1 919
How to run two instances of roborealm with VBasic
Can someone help me with this task?. I want to start two different instances of robo realm using VBasic.
7 years 1 1452
Queue limit exceeded, discarding inbound operation. Operation type: RoboRealm.Pr
I am playing around with the RoboRealm MSRS connection.  I have run into an issue when running the example simulation...
7 years 1 923
Looking for someone to help build a simple robotics parts model. Know very little about process, but do have an idea of parts ne...
7 years 1 915
[Solved] parallel port problem on windows 7
Windows 7 32bit, Roborealm v2.50.18, Onboard LPT port Cannot access lpt port for input & output
7 years 1 1141
Augmented Reality
Hello I am Brenden and I am an incoming junior at Upland High School and I am currently working on my Science Fair project for t...
7 years 1 1400
Fixing AVI Files
Myself and others have been saving to AVI files the video and data on our robots. Occasionally something happens to interrupt RR...
7 years 1 1005
DOB edge
Hi, I've been using the DOB edge filter and find it works quiet well, im trying to replicate it in matlab but only having luck ...
7 years 1 926
Blob circularity and morphology
Hi STeven, I am trying to determine the circularity and morphology of transparent spheres. I am usi...
7 years 1 1023
Sving images
How do I go about saving images that only have the COG graphic on them . I am using rgb filter to d...
7 years 1 895
MakerKids Toronto Fall Robotics Program
Good afternoon, MakerKids-a makerspace for youth in Toronto just announced their fall programming f...
7 years 1 893
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
7 years 1 875
moving function
Hi Steven A nag, I know.... I just realised what I did before that mad...
7 years 1 913
Serial method
My machine is running, but the robot halts quite often. It's relay-handshaking to my modules that serially connect to RR. I'm ...
7 years 1 927
Kshitij 2014
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2014, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 31st Janua...
7 years 1 984
Bio reader
Has anyone done any work with Bio/Fingerprint readers? I'm wanting to use one of th...
7 years 1 982
Blob splitting
I am having a problem with implementing blob splitting. It seems to split the blob in an unexpected location. I have attached th...
6 years 1 1676
Navigation with kinect/xtion
Are there any plans to use the kinect or xtion for navigation purposes for instance in the avm-navigator-plugin? ...
6 years 1 921

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