Roborealm and MRDS VPL
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Roborealm version
I just cannot find how to get COG_X and COG_Y from the VPL in MRDS.
I realize I have an older version of Roborealm, but I have downloaded and successfully compiled the 2008 Express version of the RoboRealm MSRS interface code. Everything works fine, I see the COG values in MRDS DSS as shown in your example, but I cannot find these values to use them within the VPL. I have not tried the command line route asI am not good enough with the coding to proceed much further than the tutorial. The thing that attracted me to MRDS is the VPL. I have tried to stumble across the values but I am still uncuccessful in locating them.
Im hoping youre still supporting this older version.
What Im looking for as a simple tutorial on how to drag out the Roborealm Interface and the GetVariableExample into the VPL workbench and how to hook up the Calculate to them so I can manipulate the values from there.
I have already proven my SSC32 with the system and Im moving forward to a Pan Tilt WebCam which I wish to use next.


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