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Preshit from India  [1 posts]
9 years
hi, i am working on roborealm for object tracking & i use 89v51rd2 mikro c. And i am taking a example which is given in the roborealm itself , BUT my problem is i am not able to transfer the data & i am using assembly language ,with Serial connectivity  DB 9  i initialize UART & Serial Send ,Serial Read in the mikro c. & when i try the same code it is working in HYPERTERMINAL so their is a connectivity OK. but i have not return any code for Motor driving in mikro c. i am using 2 DC gear motor & connect it to Port 2 ,now i start roborealm > exmple>obt. tracking>& i add serial also set the baud rate to9600 , data bit 8 , stp bit 1 but ......
Problem 1> what should i writ in send now?
Problem 2> what should i write in micro c. for driving my motors?
Problem 3> is my Processes is write or wrong ?
please help me

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