Logitech C910 webcam interface
Ed Witte from Australia  [1 posts]
9 years
Hi All
I recently discovered RoboRealm and I'am very keen to find out more. I have a number of questions which maybe somebody can help me with:
Q1/ Is it possible to use the new Logitech C910 webcam with RoboRealm?
The resolution of this camera is excellent, and it has an autofocus mechanism which is unique (I believe) for cheap webcams.
Q2/ The second question is: Can I use four of these camera for image acquisition? I only need snapshots from each camera once or twice per second.
I understand the Logitech drivers have a limitation of one per system.
Q3/ Lastly, is RoboRealm suited for checking components on a printed circuit board (more of a machine vision application than robotic control)?
I have attached a shot from the C910 for reference.

Thanks for your help.

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