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blob sum pixel values [2]
Most likely the Color_Statistics module is what you are looking for. You can also check out the other statistics modules like Ge...
7 year 2 2231
set_camera_format issues [5]
Josh, Thanks for checking. There was still and issue with lower values where they were incorrectly ...
7 year 5 2080
set_camera_format issues [2]
Joshua, We did make some fixes to the rate calculation that was not accepting non-integer rates fro...
7 year 5 2080
API returns SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS before module is run, not after as expected [3]
Carl, Thanks for the post. Let me try to clarify a couple points. 1. F...
7 year 4 2200
Serial Communication [2]
There are two main issues regarding this solution. The first one is that you are missing any serial.read code from the Arduino s...
7 year 2 1728
datamatrix read orientation [2]
Pat, This was corrected a couple versions ago. If you upgrade you should get recognition of both (j...
7 year 2 2201
Annotations [2]
BE, 1. You'd have to go to each module and select the annotation color as blank to disable the draw...
7 year 4 2387
Annotations [4]
Barry, One trick you can try is to use the Marker module's "Include overlay graphics in marker" whi...
7 year 4 2387
DLink camera [4]
Emailed an address you can use. Just for others reading this, its always possible that the Dlink pr...
7 year 4 2079
DLink camera [2]
Jerry, You have a couple options here: 1. Send us the camera so that w...
7 year 4 2079
Process Images in a folder [2]
Load Images is the right module to use. You have to add modules in order to process the image and save the results somewhere (ei...
7 year 2 2122
Set Camera Problem [2]
Josh, I just tried this in the latest version with the API enabled and it seemed to work as expecte...
7 year 4 1868
Set Camera Problem [4]
Josh, Check that in the API tab that the timeout is set to zero (infinite) and that at least 5 thre...
7 year 4 1868
C/C++ RR plugin recieve two data streams at the same time [2]
Petr, In order to get access to more than just the current image within a plugin you would need to ...
7 year 2 2120
Two web servers simultaneously [2]
Alex, The webserver was not initially designed to run more than one instance per machine. This has ...
7 year 2 1556
automatic image calibration parameters [6]
Pat, Its the unwarped corner points as found in the original image. The idea is that with those cor...
7 year 6 2920
automatic image calibration parameters [2]
Pat, If you download the latest version there is now an export button in that module to export the ...
7 year 6 2920
automatic image calibration parameters [4]
Pat, We've made an update to create a AUTO_CALIBRATION_CORNERS array that will hold the corner poin...
7 year 6 2920
winte into the roborealm virtual device [6]
Martin, Yes, that configuration looks fine. Are you seeing the image now using WebRTC?
7 year 10 1973
winte into the roborealm virtual device [4]
Martin, That's good. Now all you need to do is to enable the VCam using the Options button->Vcam...
7 year 10 1973

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