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A couple of questions about annotations...

1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annotations from the display without making any other changes?  (Something like Undisplay_rectangle, Undisplay_point, Undisplay_all...)

2) Is there a way to write to the annotations layer inside a VB script in a manner similar to the way GetPixles/SetPixels writes to the image layer?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

1. You'd have to go to each module and select the annotation color as blank to disable the drawing of the annotation. Sometimes setting this to black accomplishes the same thing depending on the module.

2. The programming modules don't get called on the annotation loop ... so they are not able to create any annotations. What you can do is setup variables in the VB module that are used in another display module during the annotation loop (i.e. display as annotation checkbox).

What's your desired outcome here? Perhaps we can offer a different way to accomplish the same result.

BE from United States  [12 posts] 7 year
Here is the desired outcome.  

I'm trying to create an application will eventually be run by an unskilled operator.  I like to include a fair amount of annotations, both text and graphics in intermediate steps as the application progresses through calibration, alignment, thresholding, segmentation and detailed inspection.  It's very useful when I go back and step through the application to see the results of each step.  However, when I get to the end of the program and present the results, I need a simple and clean interface suited to a non-skilled operator.  Thus, I want to get rid of the intermediate annotations and display only final summary annotations indicating what passed and what failed.  I don't want to simply delete or comment out all the intermediate annotations from the program - I want them to be there ready to use the next time I have to debug.  If it were possible I'd like to do something like this:

display intermediate annotations
clear all intermediate annotations
display final summary annotations

There is one behavior of annotations that I find particularly inconvenient.  I need to repeatedly crop an image, return to the large parent image, crop a new area, etc.  Annotations that are in a relative location such as "center" get moved from the center of the large parent image and relocated  to the center of the small cropped image, frequently obscuring the cropped image.  Again, if I could clear all annotations before I crop, that would solve my problem.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

One trick you can try is to use the Marker module's "Include overlay graphics in marker" which causes all annotations to render to that marker which can then revert to the Source image and in essence will block all annotations below that marker module. I've attached a quick test to show that a red circle is removed by the marker module but a green arrow is still seen afterwards.

Have a look at that trick to see if that helps.



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