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winte into the roborealm virtual device [10]
Martin, No, it would not work over telnet but instead you could specify a shared folder or somethin...
7 year 10 1973
winte into the roborealm virtual device [8]
Martin, Yes, this is possible. You can start RR using roborealm.exe -...
7 year 10 1973
winte into the roborealm virtual device [2]
Martin, Once you have the IP camera viewable within RoboRealm, all you need to do is to enable the ...
7 year 10 1973
missing .dll [2]
Jon, I assume you were trying to use the RTSP_Player module? We've corrected that download. For 64 ...
7 year 2 2068
Path planing tutorial [2]
Frank, The tutorial is ...
7 year 2 1940
AVM Navigator Marker Mode ini file missing [2]
Attached. We also included it in the initial zip download. Looks like we forgot to include that file.
7 year 2 2201
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Ideally the image path is only set very infrequently. Its not a parameter that should be chang...
7 year 2 2060
RoboGeek Demo tracking program with Roborealm [2]
Thinkbig, The above VBScript is written with the 500 to 2500 value range in mind. Typically this is...
7 year 2 2129
List of compatible multi megapixel industrial cameras [2]
Yuriy, We've not really kept track of this and have instead been more focused on providing access t...
7 year 2 1737
Lego EV3 + Roborealm = Amazing [2]
Huno, Very cool project! Thanks for shared. We added this to ...
7 year 2 1979
Automatic Image Calibration [2]
BE, The idea is that the calibration grid is taken by the same camera with the same resolution as t...
7 year 2 2983
Cal & Thickness Probe [3]
BE, You are correct with #2. Other modules need the same treatment if used multiple times, i.e. ass...
7 year 3 2793
visual data scraper [4]
Its probably a good idea to provide more than a two line description of what you need to do otherwise our answers will not be ve...
7 year 4 2138
visual data scraper [2]
Steve, Probably not. Its not meant to run off and do its own thing as something like a Siri or Amaz...
7 year 4 2138
Select ROI using mouse [3]
Arif, I think what you want instead is the Crop module which will reduce the image to the space spe...
7 year 4 2152
Rectangular DataMatrix barcode [2]
Added to the most recent version. In terms of cameras, for barcodes you are probably best of with a...
7 year 2 2218
Rectangular data matrix barcodes [2]
Added to the most recent version. STeven....
7 year 2 1814
Data Matrix Rectangular Pattern [2]
Olaf, Those sizes have been added to the most recent version. This also includes multiple codes in&...
7 year 2 1971
image processing [2]
Fiya, I'm not sure what answer you are expecting from us. We're image processing specialists and kn...
7 year 2 1735
variables [2]
Krishna, The name of the variable should be in quotes and reference the COM object: ...
7 year 2 1677

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