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VB Script GOTO command not working [3]
AIMan, While it initially seems like a bad idea, its best NOT to use any gotos in any code that you...
11 year 2 2183
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
11 year 2 2767
where to paste the RR_API.lisp code in leaf code. [3]
Not sure, perhaps you should post that question to the RSSC yahoo group. I'm sure they will be able to better answer that quest...
11 year 2 1747
dought [3]
You can use the Marker module to save the current image and switch to anoter camera. Or you can also use the Mosaic to combine t...
11 year 2 1659
Speak Listbox Index [3]
Ulli, This has just been fixed. It was caused by an automatic sorting of the names as they were ent...
11 year 2 1791
Roborealm and Vb.net [7]
Nino, Check the vb.net examples in the api example download. That will help you get started with in...
11 year 6 5073
Roborealm and Vb.net [5]
Nino, Those would be used to set the image in RoboRealm, so they may be the first part of the recog...
11 year 6 5073
Roborealm and Vb.net [3]
Nino, Can you take a couple pictures of the coins and post them here? We can then help with a possi...
11 year 6 5073
Avoids Border [3]
Steve, If that is the actual image that is resulting it would not be filtered based on touching th...
11 year 3 1841
Object Detection and License Issues [3]
The trial version does not limit the object recognition techniques. Here are some things to consider.
11 year 2 1685
Installer and License Issues [3]
It will largely depend on how your customer intends to use your application. If you want to resell RoboRealm along with your pro...
11 year 2 1695
RR Webserver and Android [3]
Ulli, One thing you can try is to avoid using Java for FF or Chrome which support MJpeg streams nat...
11 year 2 1886
Handshake on serial data [7]
John, There is now an WEBSERVER_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS variable (v2.47.15) that is set with the number ...
11 year 6 2417
Handshake on serial data [3]
John, If you can post your robofile we can make the needed changes. Wh...
11 year 6 2417
How to rotate compass image? [3]
Petr, You can type in something like [rotation]
11 year 2 3116
Display text in color? [3]
Petr, In the latest version 2.47.15 you can type in [text_color]
11 year 2 2619
Measure Blob Size [3]
Yes, there are several ways to do this. First you can check out the blob_filter and specify a size that is greater than 1234 whi...
11 year 3 2034
RoboRealm [5]
You mean something like the attached robofile? Contaminants are outlined in red. STeven....
11 year 4 2939
decimal mark changed? [3]
Numu, That's based on the Locale information as specified by your windows OS. To change that go to...
11 year 3 2195
Vex and Roborealm [3]
Jt, What you are asking for is an involved process that is very difficult to do over email. As a be...
11 year 2 1733

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