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rr.SetCOMType(1) [2]
Bob, when switching to the DLL you will NOT see any communication in the RoboRealm app anymore. The...
5 year 2 1821
TRansfered sequence to mini-maestro 24 [2]
This might be a better question for Pololu but have you tried experimenting with the Serial Script Commands seen in
7 year 2 1691
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
11 year 2 1751
Working with multiple tabs [2]
Please check ht...
7 year 2 1948
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras [2]
I assume that you installed the code lab drivers? Note that you need the platform SDK driver in order to access two.
10 year 2 1637
which kind of camera [2]
Dong, Sorry for the delay. This has been fixed in the most recent version. The checksum for Code-12...
9 year 2 2206
programmatically  change variables within a module? [2]
Edi, I'm not sure what you mean as one can change variable values using any of the scripting modules or using the Set_Variable m...
4 year 2 1988
datamatrix read orientation [2]
Pat, This was corrected a couple versions ago. If you upgrade you should get recognition of both (j...
7 year 2 2151
Optical Flow algorithm [2]
Its a Block-based method similar to how you do stereo correlation. You can read more at ...
10 year 2 2442
Dino-Lite not starting [2]
Jack, I'm not sure what that message means. It would be caused by a lack of memory. Perhaps you can...
9 year 2 1635
Bug in multiline cut and if statement [2]
We noticed this too and added a fix. Things are still not quite right if you cut/copy half an if_statement (i.e. don't include i...
9 year 2 2490
Matching Confidence Level [2]
Frank, I assume these are metallic pieces? It seems like the image you included is reflecting the l...
7 year 2 2157
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
11 year 2 2768
HELP - how to detect and draw lines in RoboRealm [2]
Tomaz, Thanks for the images. Unfortunately, we can't come up with anything off the top of our hea...
10 year 2 2833
Capturing probe pins positions on VB6 application [2]
Min, Something like the attached? You will need to test this on MANY more images.
10 year 2 2593
Calculating distance between two blob COGs [2]
Yes, in most modules you can use COG_X:0 COG_X:1 COG_X:2 ...
9 year 2 1659
Fonts [2]
Roland, This was added just to help some folks see the RR interface text a bit better but did not c...
2 year 2 1489
Object Detection and License Issues [3]
The trial version does not limit the object recognition techniques. Here are some things to consider.
11 year 2 1686
Write_Variables, changing Filename [2]
Yea, that's expected, it has to do with the Write Variables module not having a 'start' button so the module will run as you ...
10 year 2 2419
Detecting "empty" page [2]
Kresimir, It will largely depend on what it looks like when there is a minimal amount of text on th...
2 year 2 903

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