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Multiple COG coordinates [2]
Actually it doesn't ... unless the other circles are more of the color just selected. That's why the GUI uses checkboxes as ap...
8 years 2 1259
RR unable to write files [2]
Marco, Most definately a permissions issue. Its possible that the permissions allow for creation bu...
9 years 2 2046
Servo control with arduino Uno through roborealm [2]
Seems like things are working due to the light blinking ... did you connect power to the board to power the servos? I..e do you ...
7 years 2 2239
seeking suggestion [2]
Peter, The best generic way to detect obstacles is using some form of depth sensor. Inside you can ...
9 years 2 1855
Convert image of a curve into series of X,Y coordinates [2]
Attached is one way to do this. The trick is to break it into two analysis and use the color filter to focus either on the blue ...
6 years 2 1617
Compiling Programs for FRC [3]
Jay, It doesn't compile within LabView but it does integrate with it. If you have a look at the AP...
9 years 2 1378
Can not connect to Basler acA640-120 [2]
Probably not ... do you get any XML in the one tab? Can you post that text here? Alternatively, if ...
7 years 2 2272
Roborelam COG not appear [2]
Its just off the image. If you add the Watch_Variable module (or just press CTRL-W) you will see all the variables with the COG_...
8 years 2 2233
Un-zoom view [2]
Michelle, There are two possibilities. One being that you went full screen (the last option in the ...
8 years 2 1263
program expires with payment made [2]
Martin, If you download the application once more from the url that you were provided you will noti...
9 years 2 1889
Roborealm causing Windows Explorer to lock up [2]
Sam, We've not had any reports similar to this since your post. If this is something that is still ...
6 years 2 1256
how to solve the problem of lighting and visibility when there is a change of li [2]
Faris, The less you tell us the less we can do. You will need to include a LOT more information abo...
5 years 2 1281
Obstacle Avoidance Laser System [3]
Cherault, Its easier if there is an image that can be used as an example. What you want to do is to...
9 years 2 2482
RoboClaw v4+ [2]
In case others read this ... a new revision of the RoboClaw IonMC module is up with temperature and motor current variables adde...
6 years 2 1367
hardware needed [2]
It should just function fine on a regular PC unless you have a large video image (> 640x480). See
7 years 2 1634
VCam [2]
T. You can try installing the VCam directly by using either InstallVCam32.exe or InstallVCam64.exe ...
5 years 2 1440
3D Viewer [3]
Not sure about that particular camera. Many of the less expensive stereo cameras are not very well calibrated for stereo analysi...
9 years 2 2311
How to create program file (.exe) fram .robo file [2]
Saiful, RoboRealm cannot produce a .exe file given a robofile ... that's just not functionality tha...
8 years 2 1593
Where is the standard license version? [2]
Sorry, no, the personal version is no longer being distributed. The commercial version is the only available version.
5 years 2 1295
color recognition [3]
Jonathan, This can be done in two parts, color detection and then transmission through the serial p...
9 years 2 1985

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