Automatic Image Calibration
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I am trying to use Automatic Image Calibration, but I'm having difficulty.  I have a simple two-step robofile in which I do auto image calibration then I load another image.  I expect the loaded image to be transformed by the calibration but it is not.  I feel that I must be leaving out some critical step, but after reviewing the module help file, I don't know what I'm missing.  Is it possible this module does not work with the personal license?

I will try to attach the robofile and image files.  If my program worked as desired, I would expect my loaded file to display as round circles.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

The idea is that the calibration grid is taken by the same camera with the same resolution as the production view. I.e. your images are different sizes which leads me to believe that they are not taken using the same camera in the same orientation.

The intended use is to show the calibration grid to the camera. Press the Calibrate button in the Auto_Image_Calibration. It should then switch to a view where the grid is nice and square (as if you are looking perfectly straight down at the grid ). Then you can remove the grid and expose the actual view to be calibrated which the module will continue to transform. Now you have a nice view where things are easier and more consistent to measure.

HOWEVER, if you move the camera or the surface that the grid was placed on then the calibration is NO longer valid ... and you need to recalibrate.

Note, we did use your grid image to make a couple improvements to the module that were just uploaded. Before continuing your experiments downloading the latest version is highly recommended.

Does that help?


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