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Automatic Start Up [2]
What OS are you testing on? It sounds like the full screen might just be covering the current inter...
5 years 4 1395
Automatic Start Up [4]
Sandy, I think we have a good idea on what the symptoms are. It sounds like the full screen mode is...
5 years 4 1395
Fiducials - 32/64 bit windows [10]
Kresimir, The latest improves and up and available for download. From what we can tell this should ...
5 years 11 1806
Fiducials - 32/64 bit windows [8]
Kresimir, Its mentioned in the FAQ. You can always download previous versions (up to a limit). Plea...
5 years 11 1806
Fiducials - 32/64 bit windows [5]
Kresimir, Can you confirm that the [x] High Precision checkbox is set in the latest version? I do s...
5 years 11 1806
Fiducials - 32/64 bit windows [3]
Kresimir, Do you have an image that shows the failure? The attached image seems to work fine in the...
5 years 11 1806
Zmodo Cameras [4]
Yes, that should work. The "module" is already installed. What it is asking for are extra DLL libra...
5 years 5 2493
Zmodo Cameras [2]
Steve, It most likely does have a similar URL but not one that we've come across before. Its not so...
5 years 5 2493
Serial Communication Arduino Uno [2]
Muhammad, You would need some sort of communication module. In this case I added a serial module th...
5 years 5 2593
Serial Communication Arduino Uno [4]
What version of RoboRealm are you using? If RoboRealm is crashing, you should be getting a crash re...
5 years 5 2593
Working with multiple tabs [2]
Please check ht...
5 years 2 1519
lynxmotion ssc 32U not connecting [4]
Max, Hmm, that seems like you have a good setup. I would try to contact Lynxmotion (RobotShop) to s...
5 years 4 2092
Finding Coordinates on Feature of Blob [6]
Alex, This is certainly a difficult problem due to the lack of contrast between the parts of the co...
6 years 6 1600
Finding Coordinates on Feature of Blob [4]
Alex, Its easier if you label (i.e. draw) ontop of the images you posted so that we can better unde...
6 years 6 1600
Center of Gravity [2]
Muhammad, The box size is based on a percent coverage of pixels. The algorithm starts at the COG wi...
6 years 2 1600
Servo controller [2]
Yes, that should work fine. What happens with USB connections is that they look  like serial connections and the proto...
6 years 2 1572
Image Comparison [4]
Sure, if you look at the Load_Image module you will see a checkbox that will enable the ability (and configuration) to read all ...
6 years 6 2187
Image Comparison [2]
You mean like: ht...
6 years 6 2187
TRansfered sequence to mini-maestro 24 [2]
This might be a better question for Pololu but have you tried experimenting with the Serial Script Commands seen in
6 years 2 1241
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [5]
No argument there! Yea, the PI is probably one of the cheapest ... perhaps the $9 CHIP would be cheaper? Would still need to use...
6 years 7 2442

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