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Steve Woodrough from United States  [47 posts]
7 year
For my wired to my router FOSCAM camera I successfully use the URL you suggested:

Is there a similar URL command for a zmodo ZP-IBH13-W wireless camera?  

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

It most likely does have a similar URL but not one that we've come across before. Its not something that we can just point to or explain how to get since each camera does things differently. Because it mentions H264 it will most likely work with the RTSP module too if you also know the right url.

What we normally will do is to explore the camera interface and check the network traffic using something like WireShark which will record the initial communication pack and have that url within it. Its quite laborious since you have to weed through many data packets but it is certainly the way go ... unless the camera uses some sort of secure channel.

Unless you are familiar with packet viewers, we would need online access to the camera to see either what the url would be using Read HTTP or if the camera works with the RTSP module.

Steve Woodrough from United States  [47 posts] 7 year
Here:  http://www.camera-sdk.com/p_228-how-to-connect-to-your-zmodo-ip-camera-onvif.html
I found:
I downloaded the RTSP module from your site, but I'm unclear on how to install the module.  

I have a bit of experience with wireshark, but I agree that is a tedious process so I will try RTSP first.  

Thanks for your help.  
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
Yes, that should work.

The "module" is already installed. What it is asking for are extra DLL libraries from ffmpeg that it needs in order to decode the video. The instructions are on


I.e. Download, Unzip, and Copy to a folder the system can see. Did that not work for you?

Steve Woodrough from United States  [47 posts] 7 year
I got RTSP module to load, but No Joy on the Zmodo camera connection with RR.  I'm a low grade novice amature when it comes to networks etc. buy IMO the zmodo is running some kind of security protocol that is preventing this from working.  I had a heck of a time getting the camera to work with their website, and after a firmware upgrade I can't even get the camera to connect with their own windows application.  Anyway, not real important, I'll stick with my foscam.  Sorry for the aggravation.  

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