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Tim from United States  [9 posts]
7 year
I have a folder containing 42 different templates, and another folder with 42 images in the same order and name that I would like to compare against their corresponding templates and measure the difference, then write to a file for the images that failed with less than 70% confidence. is this possoble with RoboRealm? If so, how would I do it?

Thanks in advance.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
You mean like:


Tim  [13 posts] 7 year
Hi Steven,

Kind of, I figured out a good pipeline to do what I need via the compare images tutorial supplied, but what I am looking for is an automated way to take the first image in my template folder, and compare the first image in my unit under test folder to it, then  the second of each, so on and so forth.  As of now I am Loading the images manually, but I want the .robo program I created to run through the pipeline for each Image in the folder. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
Sure, if you look at the Load_Image module you will see a checkbox that will enable the ability (and configuration) to read all images in the specified folder. This is one way we use this module to test a new module on many images by cycling each image through RR.


However, if you are looking for the ability to test a solution over a bunch of images that Test button at the top of the GUI is what you are looking for.


Tim  [13 posts] 7 year
Hi STeven,

I figured that would be correct module to use, but I can't seem to make it function, I included my pipe and the settings I have selected. I load my Gold Image folder path, then my UUT folder path, but how do I get the program to run through each of the files. I want to take image 1 of gold, align it against image 1 of UUT. I use IF statements to crop the alignment offset, then use Auto Threshold to measure and create blobs, I then replace the blobs and use it as an overlay for the UUT image, then I want to save the image to my new folder path, then move to image 2 of each folder. I assume I am missing something simple?

Tim  [13 posts] 7 year
Never mind, answered my own question, I was missing something simple..

I had C:\FolderPath\UUT

Needed C:\FolderPath\UUT\

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