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RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [5]
No argument there! Yea, the PI is probably one of the cheapest ... perhaps the $9 CHIP would be cheaper? Would still need to use...
6 years 7 2442
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [3]
Another: Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro - ...
6 years 7 2442
Run without GUI [5]
Its possible that something on your machine (perhaps a virus protection system) is preventing the keystrokes from getting to the...
6 years 6 1656
Vb script to determine ball in region [2]
James, A couple of If_Statements checking the COG of the object should do it. Note, the specific qu...
6 years 2 1599
Load Module [2]
If you are saving the image from RR, why do you want to reload it back into the same application that just saved it? If you plan...
6 years 2 1409
VB Script [4]
VBscript is a bit different than JScript where the single quotes are NOT understood. Use double quotes to indicate a string as i...
6 years 4 1640
VB Script [2]
You may want to switch one of the statements to either if area <= 1000
6 years 4 1640
Shape recognition Giving spurious results [2]
Jon, The shape match module assumes a filled white object on black background. Try using the Fill t...
6 years 3 1491
Write new AVI with each movement [2]
Samuel, Yes, this is possible. You can change the name of the filename that is created using by pla...
6 years 2 1827
v 2.80.50 [2]
Frederick, Please have a look at ...
6 years 2 1221
Using Variable in Load Image Module? [2]
Yea, just type in [GOLD_IMAGE] into the filename path (i.e. where you ...
6 years 3 1612
AVM Navigator [2]
Mal, 64 bit apps are not able to load 32 bit dlls. 32 bit apps are not able to load 64 bit dlls. So...
6 years 2 1605
numbers vs strings [2]
Mal, Yes, instead of [IMAGE_COUNT] in th...
6 years 3 2119
Robot tracking Robot [2]
Jerry, Nicely done! Those are good test videos. What we noticed is that when the detection fails it...
6 years 4 2037
Robot tracking Robot [4]
Nice video! Gaussian blur can help to smooth the image a bit and blend the colors into a more smoot...
6 years 4 2037
Matching Confidence Level [2]
Frank, I assume these are metallic pieces? It seems like the image you included is reflecting the l...
6 years 2 1621
Egg counting [2]
Turgut, While its not too difficult to count the eggs in a single image, on a moving conveyor that ...
6 years 2 1530
blob sum pixel values [2]
Most likely the Color_Statistics module is what you are looking for. You can also check out the other statistics modules like Ge...
6 years 2 1676
set_camera_format issues [5]
Josh, Thanks for checking. There was still and issue with lower values where they were incorrectly ...
6 years 5 1597
set_camera_format issues [2]
Joshua, We did make some fixes to the rate calculation that was not accepting non-integer rates fro...
6 years 5 1597

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