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fiya from Pakistan  [1 posts]
7 year
hello we are working on an egg candling machine .. we done image processing with the robo realm . my question is which light(i.e high intensity)  can we use for see the internal defects of egg .. and what specification of webcam we use for live streaming

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

I'm not sure what answer you are expecting from us. We're image processing specialists and know zero about how to light and egg such that the internal defects of an egg can become visible. What I would do is to experiment around with different light intensities and colors to see which one might have the best results as seen visually by a human first and then attempted to be processed by an automated system. If you can see the inner details with the naked eye there is a chance that an automated system can do the same.

Once you have determine the appropriate lighting level the same experimental process can be used to determine which webcam would be most appropriate. If cost is not a significant factor (i.e. you only have a couple installations) then purchasing the top of the line Logitech or Microsoft HD webcams would be a good initial test. If this proves to be inappropriate you can move to more industrial cameras that have specific differences to a webcam ... but until you first test your lighting and basic camera requirements you'll not know what is most industrial camera is most appropriate for the task.

Sorry, but we're just not egg lighting experts! :-)


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