Set Camera Problem
Joshua Robertson from Canada  [11 posts]
7 year

I am using the following:

    <request><set_camera>[camera name as it appears in roborealm]</set_camera></request>

The issue I'm having is not so much setting the camera, but the camera is not enabled in roborealm after the command.

I've also tried after setting the active camera, to issue:


as an attempt to enable it and still does not work.

Is there any known issues with these commands not working 100% of the time?
Do you have any thoughts as to what could possibly be stopping them from working?

Any insight is valued.

Many Thanks,

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

I just tried this in the latest version with the API enabled and it seemed to work as expected. I just used a raw telnet into the API and posted your string above with my webcam.

What you can try is to use a smaller segment of the name since the search uses *name* (i.e. wildcards) to find the camera. This might be easier than typing in the name exactly as it appears which is the only reason why I'd not expect this to work.

Do you have any other application that is already using the camera? Only one app at a time can use it ... and that includes having more than one RR instance open at any time.

Do you see the camera button becoming pressed when you send this command?

Joshua Robertson from Canada  [11 posts] 7 year

I do not see the camera button being pressed after the command, not always anyways. Sometimes it won't be pressed after sending the command, sometimes it will become unpressed after a random duration of time.

I will try what you've suggested and see if it works.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

Check that in the API tab that the timeout is set to zero (infinite) and that at least 5 threads are being used. Its possible that your API calls are timing out or not being closed correctly. That would exhibit the above behavior that you mention.


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