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2 axis motion control with stepper motors
Im interested in a 2 axis stepper motor based system that can be controled using the usb or serial port on a standard PC...
15 years 5 4091
2 Boe-Bot Robot Communicating eachother
I'm wondering if this would be possible, to make 2 boe-bot robots communicate with each other, like example other boe-bot tells...
14 years 2 1833
2 different Multiple blob array
Hi, I've currently set my program to detect 2 different sets of blobs (red and yellow) in my case. This is the c...
14 years 4 2141
2 rr crash questions
Hi,Steven, I found several problem, the edition of RR is 1) It works well in my Winxp, bu...
14 years 0 2193
2.5D Analysis
Hello, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to detect objects in this scene:
4 years 1 1089
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking
Im new to RoboRealm Filters and am unsure what to do next. As of now our RoboFile recongizes the dynamic target and Follows it a...
8 years 2 1490
2D barcode
I was wondering if you are able to decode the attached 2d barcode image.  I see a selection in the Matching->barcod...
9 years 9 2629
2D code read
Hello I have a problem with reading 2D code. I have a few 2d codes as in the picture. ...
8 years 4 1704
2d decode
Hi STeven, Things have been working well with the 2d matrix decode module.  Just got a ne...
8 years 2 1951
2D tracking
Is there a tutorial on how to calibrate the camera for 2d tracking? How do I deal with the distortion as things move away from t...
8 years 4 1776
3 camera output on single screen
In my application, I am using 3 camera. I need three camera windows open simultaneously.
1 year 3 889
3 object tracking. The best way?
Hi STeven, Thanks for sorting out the flipping in roborealm :) It was both the flip horizon...
14 years 7 2360
3 wheel robot object tracking
hi i have another idea to work with the object tracking without servo motors with parellel port , i could change in the...
15 years 2 2982
360-degree video hardware?
Hello, First of all, many thanks for making RoboRealm available.  This is an incr...
14 years 16 8258
3D Features
STeven-             I was wondering if there is any wa...
11 years 3 1987
3D measurement
Hi, steven,     I wonder if Roborealm could measure the length, width and height like the pic...
5 years 2 2020
3D position
hi! I have 2 cameras.I want to use to find 3D position (x,y,z) of a point(red  point). how...
14 years 2 2140
3D Viewer
Hello. It is possible to do real-time video in RoboRealm with a 3D camera as shown in the picture? ...
9 years 2 2345
3D, Depth perception, Stereo Webcams
Hi I allready found one thread dealing with this issue a couple of months back, however im am not sure if...
15 years 9 13713
50Hz lighting
Hello, I have a problem, the room lighting of 50Hz is interfearing with my video and masurments. do...
10 years 4 1718

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