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Analog Input
I would lie to control a RGB filter variable (Min intensity) from an analog input in from the Phidgets 8/8/8 module.
4 years 2 1544
Analog input
Hello Roborealm, I'm writing a program for a robotics project. The program has to able to recogniz...
9 years 2 1768
Analog Input
I'm looking for an analog input board that is compatible w/Roborealm's software to my Lynxmotion SSC32. ...
14 years 1 1877
Analog Input..
I'm looking for a Analog Input to USB device that will work with RR.  Anyone know of such a thing?
14 years 1 2048
Analysis of specific area of image
I must be blind, but can someone tell me how to specify a particular area of an image for analysis after which point further ins...
11 years 2 2637
Android OS
Is there a possibility of a future Android OS release for roborealm? With my Droid X seems like it might have enough power to ru...
12 years 5 3628
hey! what is the "angle" in geometric charachteristics  based on, how can i increase the accur...
14 years 2 1955
i have five points A,B,C,D,E. a line passing through points A,B and another line passing through C,D intersect at E. i would lik...
12 years 2 1662
ANGLE array
hi! i have a problem in accessing 'ANGLE' array! i have 5 triangles in my image and i want to extr...
13 years 4 2338
Angle between two blobs
I had some progress but only by "voodoo programing" I used the Blob_replace module and got the CROSSHAIR_COORDI...
10 years 2 1365
Angle between two blobs
Hello. I want to use Roborealm to make my robot dock by itself to its charger. I am trying to find...
10 years 2 1866
Angle between two blobs
I found how I was supposed to get the values out of the arrays! :-) from this post: ...
10 years 2 2680
Angle of Line in Line_Probe output
The output of a Line_Probe is an array PROBED_LINES. How would one use information in the array with Calculate_Ang...
5 years 3 1453
A couple of questions about annotations... 1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annota...
6 years 4 1787
Another mejtod of navigation
I've been looking into ways to navigate my Robot.. I came across something called NorthStar.. Very pricey.  H...
14 years 3 1913
Another question, please.
to install python, I place python folders in my root directory, went to the command prompt and said "setup.py install" . It di...
12 years 2 1522
Another way to crash Python 2.x script implementation?
In python, it is possible to create lists with mixed types (int, str), but I think  trying to transfer such a with rr....
8 years 3 1490
Anti-aliasing Problem
I have searched the forum and documentation, but have not found a good solution to my issue. I have...
12 years 2 2794
Any experience with Bumblebee2 stereo camera?
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Bumblebee2 stereo camera from Point Grey Research? (http://www.ptgrey.com/pro...
12 years 1 2035
any module to be use with live webcam
hello..please help me..im a little dummy and new to roborealm...i just want to start roborealm with just only a webcam..can anyo...
13 years 3 1867

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