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API Image display in VB.Net
Hello, I am trying to connect a VB.net applicataion to RR through API. I can get the variables pass...
14 years 7 6163
API in C++
I seem to have some issues with accessing the RR API server with c++. I don't understand why the main.cpp doesn't comp...
15 years 5 2821
API in Lisp
Steven,     I am of course working on the Leaf Robot. To make the LISP.API acti...
11 years 3 1688
API in Visual Studio 2010
I am attempting to run the sample VS code "test.vb" in visual studio pro 2010  I am able to get responsed displayed ...
8 years 3 1612
API open
In the API Documentation it is written: The following request closes RoboRealm in a nice manner. I...
12 years 4 2009
API ported to VexPro controller
I've built a couple of programs you might be interested in: RRTest: runs the Roborealm API test from the VexPro <...
10 years 3 2723
API Problems
I have been having some problems with the API.  I copied the vb.net program and it errors out at the following line of...
14 years 5 2201
API returns SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS before module is run, not after as expected
I use the XML API to control a .robo file with several function tabs. But it appears that when I re...
6 years 4 1680
API runtime problem
Hi I've been playing around with the C++ API and have run into an interesting problem.  ...
14 years 2 2119
API sending image from C++ to Roborealm?
Hi, How do you send a image from Visual C++ in the form of a byte array to robo realm without savin...
14 years 4 2349
API Server Enabled settings
Hi, I'm having trouble with the API settings not being retained from startup to startup.
6 years 2 1250
API Server, missing filters
I am trying to use the Api server within my csharp program. However when i am trying to execute my filter...
15 years 2 2531
API server, multiple filters
last time i reported a problem when using the RR API and multiple RGBFilters. After the first 2 or so it s...
15 years 4 2458
I'm working on a C++ application that uses the API.   Sample C++ programs downloadable from the web sit...
10 years 2 1684
apllication to universities
hey;   i am going to apply to US universities, for A pHD degree IN computer vision, I hav...
14 years 2 2019
application demo for RoboRealm DLL library
Do you have the application demo (.exe) for using DLL library?...
7 years 2 1636
Applying Green Fileter
Hello, We are trying to apply a Green Filter. After we change the pixels we don't see that reflected in the image....
6 years 2 1981
Applying two filters
In an effort to improve vision performance outdoors i have an idea to apply two filters on the color balanced image. The bottom...
10 years 2 2122
AR Drone
PUKU on the AR Drone 2 projects forum: (https://projects.ardrone.org/boards/1/topics/show/4957#message-5046) has just released a...
10 years 1 1479
AR Drone 2
Are there plans to include the Parrot AR Drone 2? Seems like it would be amazing to fly it under control of RoboR...
10 years 2 1547

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