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vbscript to calculate processing time
Good afternoon, I am tinkering with an application requiring me to know the time to process an image. In the scrip...
13 year 2 2297
VBScript sleep command
Hi, I'm running on a slow PC and I need to slow the framerate of the camera.  However, I'...
6 year 2 1623
VBScript saving to file help
Hi I wonder if someone with more experience than I have in VBScript could help me. I'm tracking mu...
13 year 3 5178
VBScript Program Error
As I start up RoboRealm I get an error saying I don't have ScriptSite_64.dll in my system32 folder, but it's there, and when I u...
5 year 2 1893
VBscript module
Hi Roborealm Support, Inside my roborealm flow vision, I have added a vbscript program.
11 months 4 649
vbscript in vista
hey there is a thread already about this , but i downloaded the roborealm today but i still cannot use VBscript with vis...
15 year 2 2596
VBscript IF statement issues
Hi. Background on me, i do a bit of C and C++ programming, and am trying to use the VB script plugin.
10 year 2 2349
VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision
Steven Here is the situation. I have installed camera on tripod at certain foxed height. Taking picture of certain...
8 year 2 1993
VBScript floats decimal mark
Hi there, I am using Roborealm on two different systems, both English windows 10, but on one of the...
5 year 3 1789
vbscript error
I've used the vbscript to manipulate my variables and then later set a variable, but I can't see it in the variable list using...
14 year 3 1800
VBscript error
I just made a robot with Roborealm and Arduino, which tracks a red object. And it's coded in VBScript. Whenever I run it the ser...
6 year 2 1820
VBScript counter for stepper motor steps
Hello, Was trying to figure out the best way to count the steps in left(+) and right(-) directions on my stepper m...
10 year 2 1916
VBscript Com port communication
I'm trying to output some data to a usb relay (USB-RLY02). The only information the datasheet has is:
10 year 2 3424
VBScript Byte Variable
The code won't run if I put Dim name As Byte to declare a var...
15 year 3 3747
VBScript Blob Count and Display Text
Hi, I have a VBScript Problem. I'm developing a counting program, whe...
11 year 2 2305
VBScript API Help
I am struggling and would appreciate some guidance! I wish to execute a vbs which will load an imag...
12 year 6 2008
Hello, I´m using this code: x = GetVariable("HIGHEST_MIDDLE_X") midx...
14 year 3 1807
hi everyone..... i downloaded the trial version of roborealm. It looks excellent. I have one major doubt. After im...
12 year 2 2147
Hello, I want to be able to have a section of code that runs constantly like an infi...
11 year 4 2071
i am new to RR , i hav 2 questions.. 1> whr can i lern basic VBscript i dnt knw it... 2&g...
15 year 2 1949

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