VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision
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8 year
Here is the situation. I have installed camera on tripod at certain foxed height. Taking picture of certain number of plants as you can see in attached picture. Then  apply blob filter and generate variables and calculate average blob area as reference and get stored. Then replace these plants with new plants set. Now I want to compare individual plant blob with average blob area value of first set of plants. Lets say average of first six plant will be used as reference value to calculate how much individual plant is smaller or bigger (%). That number should show on each plant in picture. Will you please help me to solve out this problem using vbscript.  I will really appreciate any kind of help or suggestion.

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 8 year

This is possible ... do you already have the initial script that quantifies the leaves? If so, that would be the same process that would have to happen on the successive plants. Can you post that part here? The next steps will really depend on which variables are being created.

Also, I assume that these are example images that you just pulled off somewhere? You'd really want to keep the plants at the same distance from the camera otherwise the comparison will not be correct as further away plants will always be smaller than closer ones.


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