A Marker provides you with a way to identify or label a spot within the processing pipeline. Adding a marker into the pipeline will allow you to refer to the image currently being processed at that point. It can also be used to specify a location in the pipeline for other modules.



1. Specify the marker name. This name will appear in other modules as needed to refer to this spot within the processing pipeline.
2. Select which image you would like to switch.

Source - the source image that was initially loaded into RoboRealm
Current - the currently processed image within RoboRealm
CameraX - a list of attached and active USB camera devices
MarkerX - a list of created marker images using the this module.

The Marker labels represent images at the time markers were created. If you wish to process the image at a certain point within the image processing pipeline create a marker at that point. The marker will then be included in the dropdown image list.

See Also

Image Math

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