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sanesh menon from India  [2 posts]
11 year
my project is based on fire fighting robots.it consist 3 robot.which always search for fire.how can i interface  3 cameras in roborealm. i use mosaic option but the problem is  each camera could not monitor different cogbox size.how can be made it.is there any other sourses to interface multiple cameras and monitor multiple cogbox size.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year

You probably want to use the Marker module to save the current image (for later reference) and switch to a new image/webcam. The mosaic is useful to stitch images but for most uses you have to use the Marker module to change the image to alternative views.

So the sequence would be to analyse one camera, switch to a new one using the marker module, and then analyse that image. Unfortunately you will need to replicate your pipeline for each camera analysed. You will also need to watch for variable collisions. For example, the COG module should be followed by a SetVariable module which would rename the COG_X and COG_Y variables to some other variable so that the next time you use the COG module in the 2nd camera you don't overwrite what was previously generated.

Hope that helps.

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