Running Different image proccessing pipelines on seperate camera feeds
Michael Kirschner  [8 posts]
15 year

I am attempting to run separate modules on different camera feeds.  For example, I want to run two independent Center of gravity modules on the motion detected in two camera feeds.  currently I am using the mosaic module to put them next to each other but the COG is effected by what they both detect.

Is it possible to use some of the pipeline for one camera and another part of the pipeline for another feed and not have the effect each other somehow... ?
Anonymous 15 year

Yes, just start with one camera, process for COG, etc. and then use the "Marker" module (in the Other subtree) to switch the current image to another camera. Then repeat the same modules to process that image.

Note that you will also need to rename the variables generated by the first COG otherwise they will be overwritten by the second. See the SetVariable module to do that.



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