Set Variable

The Set Variable module allows you to assign other variables, time settings, or direct number/text values to variables. The module will also create new variables and assign them the specified value. You can use this module as a quick way to assign values to variables that can be used within the If Statement or in VBScript modules.



1. Variable - Select the variable to set the value of. If the variable does not yet exist simply type the name into the provided combo box.

2. Value - Type in the value to assign to the variable. If you wish to assign the value of another variable to this variable then select that variable in the dropdown list as [variable name]. If you wish to set the variable to a particular time do so by selecting the appropriate time specification with []. You can also use the expressions in the value field to create new variables based on mathematical expressions of other variables/numbers.

3. Set Once - If you wish to set this variable as an initial configuration but then allow the value to change on each successive evaluation of the pipeline then select the "Set Once" checkbox. This checkbox will ensure that the variable is only assigned the specified value ONCE on program start. If unselected a variable will be set each time a new image is processed and will overwrite the current value.

4. Is Array - Specifies that the value for the variable is an array. Each item is seperated by a comma. On assignment this list is read, split into individual elements and assigned as an array.

5. Reset Button - Because you sometimes need to clear the 'Set Once' field to test how the system will startup, the Reset button will clear the Set Once flag for all variables such that they will be once again set when this module executes in the pipeline.


Depends on the configuration. All new variables specified are assigned the given values.

See Also

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