Line detection and object tracking parallel
Robocop  [3 posts]
10 year
i would like tracking an object and lines parallel. Is there a way to do this at the same time?
The idea is, that my Robot is following lines and detect obstacle an the track. Then the Robot have to stop.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
Yes, there is. Think about what the higher priority is (I would assume obstacle avoidance) and do that first. If nothing is detected, you can then use the Marker module or other modules to revert the image back to the original source image and continue as normal.

What I would do is develop both techniques first and then work to combine them. As each will need testing, you need to first be sure they can work alone (its just easier to test them that way) and then integrate the two.

If you have images that you can share, we can help with those two techniques.

Robocop  [3 posts] 10 year
Thanks STeven for the fast answer, your post was very helpfull.


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