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RoboRealm does not see Phidgets Servos
Hello, I am trying out the latest version of RoboRealm with a Phidgets 4-servo controller. &nb...
14 years 4 1917
Demonstration of RoboRealm and Omnidirectional Vision [4]
Thanks STeven!  I am truly honored! --patrick ...
12 years 3 1466
From Movment Center of Gravity to Color Center of Gravity [3]
Hello, This .robo file might get you part way there.  It uses a filled white circle of si...
13 years 3 1523
Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [4]
Thanks STeven--don't know how I missed that!  Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for.  So I'll play w...
13 years 3 1665
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [4]
Hi STeven, This is perfect! I'm already putting it to good use. Many ...
13 years 3 1542
Multiple RoboRealm Instances [3]
Hey Marco, Take a look at the Marker module (under the Other category) and the Set Variables &...
12 years 3 1694
Geometric Statistics problem with Crop Module [2]
Hi STeven, I'm using the latest and greatest RR and I think there may be a bug when the Ge...
12 years 3 2626
Demonstration of RoboRealm and Omnidirectional Vision [2]
Hello RoboRealm Fans, I was inspired by the Obstacle Avoidance tutorial on this site to try somethi...
12 years 3 1466
SRV-1 camera board frame rates? [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the clarification.  Sounds like it will work nicely. ...
13 years 3 1757
COG_BOX_SIZE = 0 when box display = 100% [2]
I just noticed a bug in RR 2.14.15.  If you use the COG module and set the displayed box size to 100%, then the COG_BO...
11 years 3 2699
Optic flow from Visual Anchor module? [2]
Hi STeven, I'm not sure if this is even remotely possible but I thought I'd ask any way. &nb...
13 years 3 1444
Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [2]
Hi STeven, The new Optical Flow module rocks!  Congratulations on getting it
13 years 3 1665
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [2]
Hi STeven et. al., I just wanted to put this request in your queue: would it be possible to add an ...
13 years 3 1542
Tracking a ball [4]
The biggest issue I have encountered when trying to track a fast moving object is keeping it in the field of view (FOV) of the c...
13 years 3 1664
GetImage function in RR_COM_API.dll broken? [4]
Hi STeven, Many thanks for the hack.  The reason I was trying out the COM version of the ...
12 years 3 1797
Power System [3]
Hi Evan, I've been using the D-Link 920 wireless camera for quite awhile on my robot together with...
11 years 3 1213
GetBitmap function for C# or COM? [2]
Hello, Could some kind C++/C# expert out there translate the GetBitmap function found in the COM AP...
13 years 3 2798
Visual Anchor with one or two static images? [4]
Hi STeven, That is VERY cool.  Looking forward to it! --patr...
13 years 3 1592
Omnivision and Visual Odometry [4]
Check out the images I posted on a previous thread at: ...
13 years 3 2390
Speed control for Rovio Module? [4]
Thanks STeven--this is great! --patrick ...
12 years 3 1430

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