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Frequent crashes with Crop module [4]
Hi STeven, I have found four modules that cause trouble when following the Crop module: Geometric S...
12 years 5 1528
Bug in API getImage?  Missing top 4 pixel rows [2]
Hi STeven, I'm having some trouble with the API getImage method in my C# program.  I hav...
12 years 5 2040
Bug with Read_HTTP module [3]
I forgot to state that I am using RR version 2.2.9. ...
11 years 5 1496
Feature Request: Include X and Y Trans in FIDUCIAL variables [2]
Hi STeven, I wonder if some time down the road you could include FIDUCIAL_X_TRANS and FIDUCIAL_Y_TR...
11 years 5 2519
Any recommendations for wireless webcams? [3]
Hello, I have a 1.2 GHz wireless camera from Sparkfun that can be seen at:
12 years 5 2825
Tennis ball finder? [2]
Hello, I'm trying to use RoboRealm to detect tennis balls in an image.  My robot uses a ...
12 years 5 3878
No "send" command in API wrapper? [5]
This is brilliant!  Many thanks for the quick solution--works like a charm.  I think your update routine wou...
12 years 5 1366
Axis 207MW network camera and MPEG-4 video stream [6]
Thanks STeven, I poked around the D-Link website for additional drivers or firmware updates for the...
10 years 5 6279
Bug with Read_HTTP module [2]
Hi STeven et. al., I am using the attach .robo file to process the video feed from a Linksys wirele...
11 years 5 1496
Feature Request: Contour Points [6]
Hi STeven, Works beautifully.  Many thanks! --patrick
11 years 5 1449
Optical Flow Module hanging RoboRealm 2.14.1 [2]
Hi STeven, I'm getting consistent locking up in RR 2.14.1 when using the Optical_Flow module. ...
10 years 5 2905
Basic Quesiton on Cameras [5]
Hi Rud, I haven't tried obstacle avoidance based on movement yet, but this looks like a promising ...
10 years 5 1495
No "send" command in API wrapper? [2]
Hello, I am starting to use the API wrapper in a C# program and I noticed that the "Send" command...
12 years 5 1366
Frequent crashes with Crop module [2]
Hello, I am using RR version with a Logitech Fusion webcam and I am getting very frequent ...
12 years 5 1528
Axis 207MW network camera and MPEG-4 video stream [4]
This is really a question for STeven: I experience similar delays and freezes with a D-Link DCS-920 802.11g camera which is dire...
10 years 5 6279
Write_AVI module recording at half speed? [3]
I just tried the Uncompressed Raw setting for the compression codec and it played back even slower--about 1/3 real time.
11 years 4 1707
How to track arbitration moving objects? [5]
Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I already read that thread and in fact, I am already using the Movement module to detect ...
12 years 4 1708
Get multiple variables of same type [5]
10 years 4 1185
New way to 360 vision [5]
Hi Ricardo, The truck mirror is only 8 inches or 20.3cm in diameter so it will fit within the width...
12 years 4 1788
Write_AVI module recording at half speed? [2]
Hi STeven, I am using the Write_AVI module to record a video of what's on my RoboRealm screen.&nbs...
11 years 4 1707

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