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I'm trying to get the Hauppauge PVR-150, which is a very popular card, to work with RoboRealm, but nothing's showing o...
11 years 7 2931
Saving Images - compression
Hello, When I save images using  RR there seems to...
11 years 7 890
How to run two copies of roborealm.
I am trying to make a 3d red object tracking robot, which requires two camera's to provide video feed and write down va...
11 years 7 1357
Radial distortion coefficient
Hi all This seam to be a very useful program. I'm trying to u...
11 years 7 1289
3 object tracking. The best way?
Hi STeven, Thanks for sorting out the flipping in roborealm :) It was both the flip horizon...
10 years 7 1515
Joystick not enumerated?!?!
Can any one shed some light on why all of a sudden, my joystick is no longer enumerated in the drop down list of the "J...
10 years 7 822
Image Analysis Help/Limitations?
Hello, I have an image composed of rectangles (black and red), logos and some text. &n...
10 years 7 1156
Kalman filter
    Hi, I've heard that the Kalamn filter is a very good filter and it predicts the current positio...
9 years 7 3496
Help with 12v pan tilt
Hi everyone, I recently started a project using the USB Striker missile to make a pan tilt and fire...
10 years 7 1149
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge
How do i detect distance from the camera to say the line(edge detection) or to a blob if i go that route? Is there...
10 years 7 2261
No Title
this is a vi that can be used to get variables from rr. attention:first run rr api server!...
9 years 7 2854
64 bit Question
Does Roborealm work on 64 bit Vista?...
6 years 7 2051
What's the best camera to see games on a laptop?
My project requires that I accurately (and quickly) identify game objects (including numbers and the mouse cursor) on a laptop s...
10 years 7 1049
No Title
Hello, Thank you for this great software, It will help me a lot in my next project. T...
10 years 7 2126
Using "SPEAK" interactively via HTML Camera Interface
I wrote a script to generate audio when the camera is moved via the web interface ("Down!", "Up!", etc...), and made some co...
10 years 7 1046
Enquiry on snapshot timing
Hi there We are currently working on an academic project that requires a perfectly timed snapshot b...
10 years 7 831
API Image display in VB.Net
Hello, I am trying to connect a VB.net applicataion to RR through API. I can get the variables pass...
10 years 7 4989
Hi Everyone, I've just started with RoboRealm (great product by the way, super work) and have run into a problem....
9 years 7 1175
Image Comparison
hi .. as such i am newbie to Roborealm which is just awesome ... i ve just attached two pics below...
10 years 7 1577
EB500 Keeps blinking
10 years 7 756

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