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Scale to 30x30 but got 29x29
Hi, In my programm i tried to crop an image from 500x500pix to 30x30pix but what i got is 29x29pix....
6 years 8 1953
comparing the color of two blobs
Hi STeven, I would like to compare the color of two blobs and determine if they are both of a simil...
6 years 8 1521
AVM Navigator input sources
Hi, Just experimenting with AVM. Does AVM allow video inputs from the Read_HTTP , whe...
6 years 8 1180
Hi, I have a very specific project. In the inner groove of the product I want to control the small metal particles...
6 years 8 1579
Hi, Is it possible to just show the object name only rather than both the object name and highlight box..also can...
6 years 8 1402
I am using an Xtion Pro Live with RR but when I run RR, the maximum FPS that I manage to get is 15. I want atleast 30 FPS. Any w...
6 years 8 2190
Setting arduino variables
I still think I must be missing something very basic here... I couldn't get my Spykee to work, and now I can't make any headwa...
6 years 8 2406
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge
Hello, I have just bought an OWI - 535 Robotic arm Edge with USB interface add on. and what i would...
6 years 8 2834
Interfacing AVM Navigator with ArduPilot APM 2.5
Hi there, My name is Johnson from Singapore and currently doing a project for my course of study in...
6 years 8 1349
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard
FRC SmartDashboard has a simple FFmpeg grabber extension (VideoStreamExtension) that can read mjpeg streams from a web server UR...
5 years 8 3473
Timer Random
Hi, I would want to know if among the various modules of the pipeline there is a way for inserting a timer "rando...
5 years 8 1899
AX-12a ball picker
Hai everybody, How can I do this using Java with roborealm? ...
5 years 8 1126
Training the avm object recognition module with a list of images
Hi all, Can I train the AVM object recognition module on a series of images? I have a number of images of objects,...
5 years 8 1631
GPS_Reader module needs more variables
Trip routing is an important robotic and simulation task.  It goes down a list of places to go and what to do at each...
5 years 8 1471
When I try to activate the MCU module RR all but locks up.  Frame rate drops to <1 fps.  Am I doing somet...
4 years 8 1369
Time with no camera
I am using RR without a camera, but in this case the IMAGE_DATETIME does not update.
4 years 8 932
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
3 years 8 2101
Roborealm loses the camera
Hi, I am controlling RoboRealm using the COM_API. After successfully running through a barrage of t...
3 years 8 911
Socket Client data to Variable
STeven, I'm successfully getting TCP data sent to me from a radar device. Data looks like this and updates at 1 Hz...
3 years 8 1084
Phidget servo control
I have this error "unable to connect to phidget" when i try to use the phidget module in RR. I have windows 10 pro...
2 years 8 769

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