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EB500 Keeps blinking
10 years 7 771
Logitech Orbit/Sphere AF Properties not change by API
I'm working with the Logitech Orbit/Sphere AF camera and the controls work fine for the pan/tilt/zoom in RoboRealm, but when I...
10 years 7 2120
SRV-1 Motor Control
I'm trying to control the SRV-1 motors using VB Script and some blob tracking.  I was getting very unpredictable beha...
10 years 7 1585
Firewire Camcorder Support
STeven, Anothe future feature request: Could you'll investigate supporting CAMcorders with firewir...
9 years 7 2556
SRV-1b motors time
By default, to control the motors we just send the value of the speed, and that value will be running the motors for 500 ms, is...
9 years 7 967
Date/Time Stamp
Is there a way to get the 'real time' date/time stamp (display) on images uploaded?  Maybe I've missed something bu...
9 years 7 3010
Whenever I use the Microsoft Robotics interface I cannot see the video in the web page. When I press "Start" it stays a small...
9 years 7 1661
I have a question regarding IMAGE_TIME. I am currently working on a project for school and using a variety of methods to try and...
9 years 7 2371
Outdoor navigation
Hello everyone I'am Bob. I'am part of a project group at my school and we are building a robot which should be a...
9 years 7 2499
Need Advice for a Competition
Hello Experts out there! Can anyone be kind enough to guide me on this competition? C...
9 years 7 811
Bug in Path Planning
Hi Steven, There seems to be a bug in the path planning module. If I use the path planning tutorial...
9 years 7 2333
SRV-1b laser control
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
9 years 7 2863
Unstable variable assignments
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
9 years 7 2466
Axion Servo Controler
I am having trouble geetting a servo to move with my Axion controler. I saw the Servo_controller program and downloaded. Got it...
7 years 7 4212
Separating touching blobs
Hi, I am analysing individual blobs using geometry_statistics and Sample_line modules. I have a ca...
9 years 7 2421
lynxmotion w/ roborealm
Hi guys, I have a project to integrate roborealm with lynxmotion. In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen...
9 years 7 2779
blob identification
Halo! I have a problem. I can not understand why are blobs numbered/ordered in order of the Y- posit...
8 years 7 3974
Pololu Micro Maestro
Greetings We putting together an ROV to accompany a submarine and want to drive it with RC motor an...
8 years 7 3227
I've found a RR script that sends a balls COGX serially to an Arduino controlling a Sabertooth in RC/Microcontroller mode. I'm...
8 years 7 1513
Smoothing Data
I'm sending COG_X and COG_BOX_SIZE serially to an arduino to run some motors. I'd like to have a VR script to smooth or do a r...
8 years 7 2145

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