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Integer array from Collapse module?
Hi STeven, Would it be possible to have the Collapse module return the count values as an integer a...
14 years 3 1233
Pixel's speed
How can I estimate the speed's motion of pixels from one image to another     (in pixel/second) ?...
14 years 3 1233
Roborealm viewing on pocketpc
Hello, Nice application and it works good. Only one question: i want to view the camera on my treo 750v thru 3g bu...
14 years 2 1234
Hi All I have just noticed a small problem with RR and fiducials when i view a fiducial the x rotation varies abou...
12 years 4 1234
Problems interfacing a PIC18F2455
Hi im triyn to use a PIC18F2455 IN cdc mode (as a virtual COM port) when i use serial module of rob...
12 years 2 1234
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
10 years 1 1234
official Kinect interface?
Hi, I was just wondering if there is anything in the works to support the official Microsoft Kinec...
11 years 3 1234
error in opening file
I'm currently using RR for our project. We save it time after time, we load the save robofile after the work yesterday. But err...
13 years 3 1234
MSRS / MSRDS 2008: Excessive UpdateFrame Messages in GetVariableExample!
We are using RoboRealm with a firewire Basler a602f camera (running at around 100fps in RoboRealm) on WinXP Pro for a University...
13 years 2 1234
Will IR LEDs help with image contrast?
I have a general question about lighting.  It seems that lighting considerations are close to the top of the list when...
6 years 2 1234
point location with two cameras
Hi Steven, I have a small problem whereby I am using point location on an image from camera 1.This works fine unti...
13 years 2 1234
Bluetooth problem LEGO NXT
Hello everyone, I have a problem with the bluetooth connection Roborealm - NXT robot on windows 7 (32bit / 64bit)....
10 years 3 1234
Hi I'm using the sample line module which creates a variable titled SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS.  ...
14 years 2 1234
Freezing a frame for AVI Readback
I can play back a recorded AVI file.  How can I stop the playback to debug parts that my modules do not handle as desi...
9 years 2 1235
I am attempting to use the Phidgets 8/8/8 I/O board to control several analogue input variables in RR.  When I start t...
10 years 3 1235
Donation License
Could I please have a donation license? Im 13 and am currently building a robot. I Needed the AVR Module, DVR and roborealm. Tha...
10 years 1 1235
Roborealm API
Hi,I have tried running the roborealm API C++ example in DevCPP but I was getting liker errors.Not able to solve it.Please sugge...
14 years 3 1235
How to use the VPL GUI and RoboRealm?
I'm using Roborealm with MRDS. The tutorial page worked great and everything installed, but I can't find guidance/documentatio...
9 years 1 1235
Purchase Process
Hi there, I just purchased the Roborealm Standard, but didn't see any instructions on the receipt of how I'm goi...
12 years 2 1235
roborealm with interactive cinemas
hi STeve i am working on a simulator and i ask if i can use roborealm as interface software between what is displ...
8 years 2 1235

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