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RoboRealm Crashes my Windows 7
I  recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm to my Windows 7 machine, however I have found that if I use the...
10 years 2 1211
Saving images in roborealm
is there a way to save images within roborealm? i want it to take a picture when the camera idenifies a certain c...
14 years 2 1211
Lynxmotion Robot Control
    I have a Lynxmotion 4WD rover controlled by there "BB2" microcontroller .I have set up a simple wirele...
10 years 2 1211
Autonymous Navigation
You guys are SO close to Autonymous Navigation in a changing situation.  I know that this is a hard thing to do. But,...
10 years 1 1211
I'm from Sweden where we use "," as decimal separator. I'm storing av float with setVariable in one vbscript. When I read i...
10 years 2 1211
Phidgets Motor Control - 1065 Motor Controller
I am currently trying to use RoboRealm 2.44.15 with the phidgets 1065 motor controller (which has replaced the LC version recent...
10 years 2 1211
input from camera
Hi, Is there a way to take input from the camera (via robotrealm) and perse it to my java program r...
12 years 3 1211
MSRS displaying unprocessed image problem
Hi, every time I open the RoboRealm service interface running with MSRS 2008 R2 and select "none" in the example programs I ca...
12 years 2 1212
Simple arithmtic operations
Are there in roborealm simple arithmetic operations (+,-,x,/) ? I couldnt find them so please, if they are not there, can you ad...
14 years 2 1212
Regarding hand gesture recognition programming code in
I want to control my robot using  hand gesture via webcam. I've Roborealm Software but dont have the programming code...
10 years 3 1212
spykee et les logiciels
hello, I commenced in computing (programing) and I have a hard programer software Spykee line fllower site ...
12 years 2 1212
Free grandfathering into new roborealm?
I know customers of the payed version get free updates to any later version, but if I'm a previous "customer" (read as user)...
10 years 4 1212
Largest still image dimensions in RoboRealm
I would like to know the largest still image that RoboRealm can process. Is it 1280x1024?
10 years 4 1212
LineFollowing with SRV-1b
Hi, I am new to both robotic and vision But i am involved in a project where i am using srv-1b for...
13 years 5 1212
Communicating with NXT over USB
Hello, I am reading the NXT module documentation and did not see any mention of communication over...
14 years 2 1212
mindstorms nxt controlled by keyboard
Hello. I think there is an error in the Keyboard Intreface. It reacts only to one of keys I have put there (usually the last one...
14 years 2 1212
Will Robo Realm work for this?
Will robo realm transfer 3d movement of a model to the servos of "real" robot through video. Everything I have seen so far loo...
10 years 2 1212
Navigation with kinect/xtion
Are there any plans to use the kinect or xtion for navigation purposes for instance in the avm-navigator-plugin? ...
8 years 1 1213
RoboRealm Startup
Hey guys, running into another brick wall I can't see to figure out. I've got RoboRealm set to run on windows loading, however...
11 years 4 1213
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
12 years 2 1213

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