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Sving images
How do I go about saving images that only have the COG graphic on them . I am using rgb filter to d...
9 years 1 1304
Object detection and timing
I am looking at possible options for using roborealm to be installed on a stationary system attached to a camera, with the purpo...
8 years 1 1304
How would I pass information to my robot?
I recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm and it looks great!  It really doesn't look too hard to use - I...
10 years 1 1304
image processing
how can i recognize the numeric digits in different images of circular tokens which are very similar to coins....
12 years 2 1304
Roboteq Module?
I was wondering when and if a Roboteq Module will be created? I have read other form posts asking for people to contact Roboteq...
10 years 1 1304
Hi Steve! I tried the program that you sent but it did not work. I even tried to upgrade to the lat...
11 years 1 1304
Counting chub packages in case
I'm scratching my head on where to start this one. I am trying to get a total count on the sticks, but because of their irregul...
10 years 2 1304
controling Stepper motor drivers
First of all  RR is Great. I starting to Love this Software, it has so many possible applications.
12 years 2 1304
Thought on API
Pre-Script:  DOH, I have been busy reading source code and samples from the API folder and NOT your excellent document...
12 years 2 1304
Robotix Events 2013
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 – 4 Febr...
10 years 1 1304
problem with download
I just downloaded the new update .7 8/2 it causes winrar to return an error stating there was an un...
14 years 4 1304
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
12 years 2 1304
Robots' Intellect 2012
Dear colleagues, We are writing you on behalf of Student Science Association of Kaunas University o...
10 years 1 1304
New Roboshow
Hey Everyone I am casting for a groundbreaking mechanized robotic competition show, and I am looking for great people! Think Rea...
10 years 1 1304
DOB edge
Hi, I've been using the DOB edge filter and find it works quiet well, im trying to replicate it in matlab but only having luck ...
9 years 1 1304
Guitar hero bot
Hi guys.  I have my PS2 w/ Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hooked up to my PC, with the RCA hooked up to a tuner card. &nb...
13 years 3 1304
New path planning module
Hi, the new path planning module is looking really good, but i've come across a couple of...
14 years 2 1305
Phidgets Motor Control - 1065 Motor Controller
I am currently trying to use RoboRealm 2.44.15 with the phidgets 1065 motor controller (which has replaced the LC version recent...
10 years 2 1305
point location with two cameras
Hi Steven, I have a small problem whereby I am using point location on an image from camera 1.This works fine unti...
13 years 2 1305
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
10 years 1 1305

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