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Logitech QuickCam Communicate Delux Trouble
Hi, I am very excited to try the software it looks great.  However, I am having trouble with my webcam.&...
14 years 2 1214
Hi Steve i have couple of issues i'm running my robot using distributor server/client it worked pretty fine the f...
11 years 2 1214
official Kinect interface?
Hi, I was just wondering if there is anything in the works to support the official Microsoft Kinec...
11 years 3 1214
Guitar hero bot
Hi guys.  I have my PS2 w/ Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hooked up to my PC, with the RCA hooked up to a tuner card. &nb...
13 years 3 1214
Motion Detection Automatic Foscam
I recently bought a Foscam FI8918W. I would like to know if its possible to have the camera detection motion and make it move by...
9 years 1 1214
Tracking help
I just found roborelm and am having some fun with it. I'll just tell you my goals, and see if i can get pointed down the right...
13 years 2 1214
Tracking Shopping Carts
How effective would Roborealm be for identifying and positional tracking of a shopping cart going through a check out lane? ...
11 years 1 1214
Finding circles in circles
Hi I have an application where I want to locate a circle within another circle, and get the center...
14 years 2 1214
Problem with bluetooth connection to NXT
Hi. I have a problem with a bluetooth (again). It worked well before, but now it does not work again. When it connects, Roboreal...
14 years 2 1214
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
11 years 2 1214
Problem with Line corner module
Hi all, I hope you can help me, I want to call Line corner module from C++ and I will use execute command but I dont know the na...
14 years 2 1214
Load file runs slow
When I run a program that I have just set up it works fine until I save and reload the file then the computer slows down to an u...
13 years 2 1215
Set Variables / Identifiction of similar blobs
hey , first of all i would like to say that Roborealm is an amazing software.thanks !
13 years 2 1215
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
10 years 1 1215
roborealm conversion
Hello all, I'm trying to program the SRV1 Blackfin camera, I see that you can use Roborealm to do...
14 years 2 1215
I'm testing out Distributor_Client and Distributor_Host over a localhost, using LZW for the best speed, as I need Real-Time vid...
13 years 2 1215
Number recognition
Hey everybody, I'm trying to get OCR to work but no luck so far. I w...
6 years 2 1215
using serial in roborealm
hi, i am doing a project "robo soccer" using roborealm. i am using an IR TRANSMITER  and two robos wit...
12 years 2 1215
Lynx 6 with Eclipse
Hello, we are a group of students, working on Lynx 6 robot for the first time on our Faculty. It wo...
10 years 1 1215
Network Tables
Hi, I am trying to the Network Tables module but having issues on the receiving end. RoboRealm is s...
9 years 2 1215

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