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Boebot control
I have a connection, however if I try to use any of the controls in robot realm my computer crashes, I am using a bs2sx and have...
5 years 2 658
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras
Hello all, I'm trying to create a depth map with Roborealm using my two Playstation Eye cameras, b...
5 years 2 658
I have just begun to explore this program and am trying to confirm that interfacing to machines that require say a 5 TTL or 12V ...
3 years 2 658
OpenNI2 and RoboRealm not playing well together
Good afternoon, Looking to use the Kinect with Roborealm. Followed all the directions here ...
2 years 4 658
Distributor Client Not Connecting When in Robo File
I am connecting to RR on my robot using a copy of RR on my desktop. The desktop robo file is attached.
6 years 1 659
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions
I need to select a range in excel and then perform certain formatting functions like bold, color, delete columns etc....
5 years 2 659
Purchasing 10 Licences (academic) for a French School
Hi Steven, I have filled a form on your web site but Have not received an answer. Could you please...
5 years 6 659
circle position
I don't see what I'm doing wrong here. Perhaps the list format is wrong, but why w...
4 years 2 659
RoboRealm 2.67.27 does not start any more
STeven, after the latest update, Roborealm complains about a missing python33.dll and refuses to st...
4 years 3 659
How do I activate my license?
I have a license key from FIRST Robotics last year, but I don't know how to activate it. I had this...
3 years 3 659
Robotix 2011: Where Machines Dare
Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to [b]ROBOTIX 2011[/b]([url]www.robotix.in[/url]). Robotix is Asia's l...
8 years 1 660
Passing a speech variable to Spykee
I'm not sure if this is already possible, but I suspect not. I would like to be able to use the "Speak" module to pass a spee...
6 years 1 660
Optical Flow + Servo Position
Hi all, I want to use the optical flow box, and using the vector as a guide for two servos (Pan and...
5 years 2 660
Hello, I have been using RoboRealm for several weeks with very good success. However, I now want to...
5 years 2 660
OCR support this font?
Does OCR module support this type of numeric font? I cannot read it after threshold and fill module. ...
1 year 3 660
line angle limit
Hi STeven, This module is great as the distance of the line can be limited. Is it also possible to ...
5 years 4 661
Java help needed
Hello There I am trying to run following java code in Jscript to stitch video using video/camera but showing error...
2 years 2 661
Lynxmotion Robot Control
    I have a Lynxmotion 4WD rover controlled by there "BB2" microcontroller .I have set up a simple wirele...
6 years 2 662
Hi Steve i have couple of issues i'm running my robot using distributor server/client it worked pretty fine the f...
7 years 2 663
Loading file response
Hello I am trying to load .robo file using RoboRealm Server API. I am using C# program example downloaded from you...
6 years 2 663

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