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VB Script Module
We are adding an encoder to our Advantech digital module input. We are trying to have a Variable "E...
4 years 3 1236
I am attempting to use the Phidgets 8/8/8 I/O board to control several analogue input variables in RR.  When I start t...
10 years 3 1236
Windows 8 Compatibility
Hi, Can anyone please confirm if roborealm is compatible with windows 8 consumer preview?
10 years 1 1236
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
9 years 1 1236
my favorite roborealm
I'm new to roborealm but its awesome and i'm more impressed the way it helps me in my project than opencv etc. But i'm having...
11 years 2 1236
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras
Hello all, I'm trying to create a depth map with Roborealm using my two Playstation Eye cameras, b...
9 years 2 1237
crashes after double clicking "Lynxmotion_SSC" module
i, i have downloaded roborealm and searched the modules for ssc, when i double click the "Lynxmotion_SSC" module the p...
13 years 2 1237
multiple cameras with same name?
Trying to test multiple ps eye cameras, but the camera list only shows one.. (with rr 2.44.12)
10 years 2 1237
Ignoring / Coloring Part of an Image
I'm tracking a ball through a maze (brio labyrinth board game) and want to ignore certain parts of the board (circular holes) t...
13 years 2 1237
Joystick variables over distributor server/client
I am using the distributor server/client modules to control my robot (a converted wheelchair).  I have a laptop on the...
9 years 3 1237
How to get the fiducial border
I am wondering if the fiducial border (the green/purple outline that shows RoboRealm has seen the fiducial) information is store...
9 years 3 1237
Sero movment rates and Query servo position
Hi there, I was sifting through some code on the forums.  I came across  this: ...
11 years 2 1237
HELLO! I have a problem of slow when I open an application that I have made ​​with Robo...
9 years 2 1237
hi, thx u those clarifications. can u plz tell me the purpose...
14 years 2 1238
Roborealm and Pololu Mini Maestro 24
Roborealm Servo Control Interface only activtates half of Pololu Mini Maestro 24 channels. Channels 17 thru 24 sta...
11 years 2 1238
counting workpieces
Hi, we would like to count workpieces, different in shape, which pass a camera by a band-conveyor. The frequence i...
11 years 2 1238
RoboRealm Not Upgrading properly.
RoboRealm Not Upgrading properly. It says on the website version 15, but when you Upgrade, it says 14.
11 years 3 1238
Shape Matching/Vanishing point
Hi All! I am looking for a way to control a robotic arm to pick up pieces/uniform objects from a ra...
14 years 2 1238
connect error!!!
Hi there, I'm trying to run the vb.net example in the API, but I'm getting an error message "Co...
14 years 3 1238
Not Good
Dear all of RR mods/all of public, Look RR we cant pay that money think about it $89! you creat the...
13 years 2 1239

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