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DOB edge
Hi, I've been using the DOB edge filter and find it works quiet well, im trying to replicate it in matlab but only having luck ...
4 years 1 514
Can Roborealm get screen images from a different program running?
Where I work we have an older wave meter (measures the exact wavelength of light) that has no way to communicate the results exc...
2 years 3 516
Zone -passing
Hello, I would like to count the vehicle that pass the read zone from attached picture.
2 years 3 516
Freezing a frame for AVI Readback
I can play back a recorded AVI file.  How can I stop the playback to debug parts that my modules do not handle as desi...
4 years 2 517
Keyboard Shortcuts
I find some of the RR keyboard shortcuts on the main interface quite useful, but to me there appears to be a conflict. Pressing ...
2 years 2 518
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
2 years 3 519
problem in sprkfun_mega module
Hi Steven,          I keep encountering a problem with the spark fun mega ...
1 year 7 519
Run without GUI
Hello, I have created a .robo program, but now I want to run the program without the GUI open, I thought I would ...
1 year 6 519
openni filter
I would like to control the 'line' top and bottom values from my VB program. Are these variables available through the api?
2 years 1 520
reloading file
How does one get RR to re-load itself,  as in a watchdog timer? Also, if I...
4 years 2 521
SHAPES array
When using the Shape matching module, is it possible to access the variables stored in the array with modules other than the VBS...
2 years 2 521
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters
We're having trouble getting the RoboRIO to send the camera image to RoboRealm. It worked fine last year, but for whatever reaso...
7 months 8 521
I got a great idea
How about using ad-banners on your site to make money, and use an AdFly link for the roborealm download link (it pays the link p...
5 years 3 522
I've bought one license of this software. I've installed it to my laptop. Everything operates well. Thx.
5 years 1 522
Serial communication from colour filter
I want to be able to differentiate between a yellow/green tennis ball and an orange golf ball in order to send serial communicat...
4 years 2 522
IF I do decide to buy it ...
I have a couple questions. Will I have to have a different license on each computer I used it on (like my laptop and my desktop)...
5 years 2 523
How would I pass information to my robot?
I recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm and it looks great!  It really doesn't look too hard to use - I...
5 years 1 523
RoboRealm Crashing WIth Arduino
So we are using RoboRealm to make a RC car that follows us... our first problem is that after about 1 or 2 minutes of roborealm ...
4 years 0 523
TCP socket not receiving all the data
I'm sending a series of points from a Raspberry pi over a TCP socket. I have confirmed with putty that the receiving computer is...
2 years 2 523
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh.
At analysis an example SwapColor.dll (also /Plugins/DLL/RRModule.sln) faced with problem. My actions: 1) Upload a ...
2 years 7 523

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