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Identifying car
How do I identify a car which is passing my car? I am new to RR. I am trying to use it for lane departure warning...
12 years 2 1297
MSRS / MSRDS 2008: Excessive UpdateFrame Messages in GetVariableExample!
We are using RoboRealm with a firewire Basler a602f camera (running at around 100fps in RoboRealm) on WinXP Pro for a University...
13 years 2 1297
BOE-BOT Enviromental Scan Programming
The robotic platform will be placed dead center of the workspace. Then robot is then required to perform a 360° rotation to scan...
6 years 1 1297
Largest still image dimensions in RoboRealm
I would like to know the largest still image that RoboRealm can process. Is it 1280x1024?
10 years 4 1297
For STeven
Hey Steven!!     Well, like I said earlier, the Kinect works on Win7 only. But,...
12 years 1 1297
IP camera, How i can change resolution
Hi. I use  ip camera D-Link DCS-2103  resolution is 1280 x 800. In RoboRealm con...
10 years 1 1298
Finding circles in circles
Hi I have an application where I want to locate a circle within another circle, and get the center...
14 years 2 1298
Hi all, Has anyone made a script for the "Executive Mayhem USB Missile Launcher" I am trying to un...
11 years 4 1298
Problem with pan/tilt control of creative live!
I am trying to control the Creative Live! Motion camera through the RoboRealm pan/tilt control (Control>Cameras>Creative_L...
13 years 2 1298
Easy N IP Camera
I have one EasyN IP Camera. Is it possible to connect using roboRealm? I tried to pu the Ip but nothing happened....
10 years 2 1298
Free grandfathering into new roborealm?
I know customers of the payed version get free updates to any later version, but if I'm a previous "customer" (read as user)...
10 years 4 1298
Feature extraction using a laser measurement system
Hi all, I have currently a project running and my task is to detect chairs and tables using only a...
10 years 1 1298
Roborealm API
Hi,I have tried running the roborealm API C++ example in DevCPP but I was getting liker errors.Not able to solve it.Please sugge...
14 years 3 1298
Communicating with NXT over USB
Hello, I am reading the NXT module documentation and did not see any mention of communication over...
14 years 2 1298
error during installing API
hi i am student at cal state university los angeles.. I tried to install api for using roborealm wi...
13 years 2 1299
Lynxmotion Robot Control
    I have a Lynxmotion 4WD rover controlled by there "BB2" microcontroller .I have set up a simple wirele...
10 years 2 1299
Problems interfacing a PIC18F2455
Hi im triyn to use a PIC18F2455 IN cdc mode (as a virtual COM port) when i use serial module of rob...
12 years 2 1299
Image data in memory are exchanged between  VB/VC and RR
I snap  an image from camera into memory and display it on windows  with Visual basic 6.How to make Binariza...
11 years 2 1299
Missle Launcher
Hi Steven,     I was wondering. I needed a pan/tilt mechanism on a budget. Some...
11 years 2 1299
Genius ilook 300 webcam not working with roborealm
Hi everyone, I recently bought a genius ilook 300 webcam to use for a robotics project with roborea...
9 years 2 1299

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