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Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
10 years 1 1233
Integer array from Collapse module?
Hi STeven, Would it be possible to have the Collapse module return the count values as an integer a...
14 years 3 1233
Re-defining co-oridinate axes
Hi Everyone, I would like to re-define the co-ordinate axes on the roborealm image as shown in the...
10 years 1 1233
Help with Roomba Program
Will this program work with the Roomba 620 with a amazon cable to Roomba such as this cable ...
4 years 2 1233
object tracking
i made a program that tracks a red pen but my servo's respond very slowly, if i move fast the camera cant keep up.
11 years 2 1233
How many IP cameras per session?
Hello. How many IP cameras can operate at once in one session of RR ?. I would like...
14 years 2 1233
mosaicking or image stiching
it is possible for roborealm to combine or to stiching a group of random images to become 1 images.thanks...
13 years 2 1233
Robots' Intellect 2012
Dear colleagues, We are writing you on behalf of Student Science Association of Kaunas University o...
10 years 1 1233
open RR
hello, i want to ask, is it right way to do the open function of RR rr.open("c:\\\\P...
12 years 4 1233
Steven, Base on the servo as photo i've attach, what servo module is suitable for that type of ser...
10 years 2 1233
Pixel's speed
How can I estimate the speed's motion of pixels from one image to another     (in pixel/second) ?...
14 years 3 1233
problem with download
I just downloaded the new update .7 8/2 it causes winrar to return an error stating there was an un...
14 years 4 1233
Number recognition
Hey everybody, I'm trying to get OCR to work but no luck so far. I w...
6 years 2 1233
FRC 2013 Angle Measurements
Hello, I am Kyle Fischer from team 3559. And we going to try to use vision tracking this year. We have had failed past attempts...
9 years 2 1234
Feature extraction using a laser measurement system
Hi all, I have currently a project running and my task is to detect chairs and tables using only a...
10 years 1 1234
error in opening file
I'm currently using RR for our project. We save it time after time, we load the save robofile after the work yesterday. But err...
13 years 3 1234
DOB edge
Hi, I've been using the DOB edge filter and find it works quiet well, im trying to replicate it in matlab but only having luck ...
9 years 1 1234
Network Tables
Hi, I am trying to the Network Tables module but having issues on the receiving end. RoboRealm is s...
9 years 2 1234
Missle Launcher
Hi Steven,     I was wondering. I needed a pan/tilt mechanism on a budget. Some...
11 years 2 1234
Hi All I have just noticed a small problem with RR and fiducials when i view a fiducial the x rotation varies abou...
12 years 4 1234

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