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XY coordinate measurement
I need to measure  the X Y co-ordinates of the moving robot arm tip. I send signals to the servo...
10 years 2 1889
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
2 years 5 608
Xtion shows artifact in line mode
I have an Xtion Pro Live running in roborealm 320x240, line mode with the max min set at 61, 59. No matter where t...
4 years 5 1504
xtion range data
Would it be possible to get access to the range data from LINE mode in the Openni interface? I am u...
4 years 4 681
xtion image reversed in openni2
I've just started using the openni2 module with my xtion pro live. I thought the line data was a l...
3 years 4 929
XP sp3 reboots when bluetooth establishes connection w/ boebot in Roborealm
In the past Roborealm worked great w/ my previous computer(also an sp3), although I spent a very long time trying to install my...
9 years 5 1626
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation
Some new questions surfaced as I'm working to update the node.js interface I wrote which allows my code to interact with RoboRea...
3 months 8 352
Ximea issue
Steven, Firstly, compliments to the RR team for your impressive efforts.
4 years 1 620
XBOX Camera
Hello i'm new to  roborealm and tries to use my microsoft xbox camera but i cant get any image. it is all black. The...
5 years 13 1590
Xbee with Arduino
Harold, Would you be willing to share your robo setup using the Xbee, Arduino and joystick....
5 years 10 2094
XBEE IEEE 802.15.4 - LR-WPAN
Does anyone know if the Parallax Mod will work with a XBEE - IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network proto...
9 years 1 2065
x10 firecracker
Steven, Can you add support for the x10 firecracker? ...
6 years 3 1156
X-10 communication?
Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to control x10 or similar computer (serial or usb connected...
9 years 5 1324
X, Y List variable
What parameters are transmitted in Automatic Image Calibration Module into the Calibration Type > X, Y List variable?
1 year 2 442
x, y coordinates for object recognition
Hello STeven, How to get X Y coordinates for multiple objects from Object Recognition. I am able to ...
3 years 2 815
x and y coordinates
Hi there, 1. Why the total number of path on navigate mode is limited to 7 ? 2. Can  file...
5 years 4 1703
WVC200 image not writing to RR...
Was running RR program with no problem. I had to move my setup to another computer. Upgraded to v2.48.2. Reloaded RR. Now I can\...
4 years 2 636
Wrong marker image get via COM API
I'm using roborealm to analyze content of template document (basically one or two barcodes and several X marks on known position...
1 year 2 498
Writing to Clipboard
Is it possible to write a variable value to the clipboard? It would seem that this might be a simple way to pass data to a Visua...
4 years 4 1065
writing order of X,Y coordnates in excel
Hello, I am conducting research with RR, and it works great. However when RR writes variables from my tracked blob...
4 years 2 1057

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