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Writing and Reading Variables
Currently I do not have RoboRealm and I have already downloaded the trial so I can't download it again.  But I was wo...
10 years 1 1223
Write_Variables, changing Filename
Hi STeven, when I change the name of the destination filename then I will get a new file for every ...
7 years 2 1423
I see that there are two, as in; Write_Variables Write_Variables
7 years 2 840
Write_AVI module recording at half speed?
Hi STeven, I am using the Write_AVI module to record a video of what's on my RoboRealm screen.&nbs...
11 years 4 1655
I am trying to use the Write_AVI Module to output my processed video to a file. I am finding the Wr...
9 years 5 1918
Hello. Sorry for my English. I'm doing a little project that involves recording (10 seconds) the w...
7 years 3 1616
Write variables with a zero value
Hi Steven, I'm using the Write_Variables function to create a CSV file of the number of labels I've detected on fr...
2 years 2 395
write variables each x frames?
Hi, i'm looking for a simple way to write variables each x number of frames? is this possi...
13 years 2 1564
write variables csv format
I generated some blobs in geometric statistics module, then I used the write variables module with settings in attached jpg (CRL...
4 years 2 907
Write variables
Hi, We would like to export the X and Y coordinates from some blobs. They are shown a...
7 years 2 1549
Write to EXIF
Is it possible to write data from the GPS module to the EXIF file of an image being processed?...
5 years 2 1321
Write new AVI with each movement
I've managed  to set up roborealm to write to AVI when movement is detected. Now I'm trying to have a new AVI video cr...
4 years 2 1096
Write Images Module and Timer Module
Hi there, I am trying to figure out a way to capture images from a video camera feed for every 5 seconds. The Write Images modul...
1 year 2 175
Write Images
Hello Stevens I made simple program such as ----------------------------------------------------------------------...
7 years 2 1483
Write images
Hi STeven Is there a simple way to initialise the saved image number in 'write images'?
5 years 2 1036
Write Images
When 'Write Images <file path\\file name>' command is executed, it opens 'Write Image File' dialig box. In order to sa...
8 years 1 972
Write Image Files
Hello STeven, Regarding Write Image Files command, I request following information:
3 years 2 677
Write Image Files
Hello STeven, Regarding Write Image Files command, I request following information: ...
8 years 1 921
Write Image
I Have a Kinect looking at a conveyor. When the kinect sees more than one blob I want it to take a picture.
7 years 4 1534
Write Avi showing incorrect disk space
I'm fairly new at using Robo Realm, but I've come across a rather peculiar situation. As this image illustrates, while both ha...
12 years 2 1364

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