Greg Flolid from United States  [6 posts]
12 year
I am trying to use the Write_AVI Module to output my processed video to a file.

I am finding the Write_AVI module will not start if it is near the end of my .robo program, but if I put it in the middle or beginning it works.

It does not seem to depend on the codec I select. The module just does not start recording.

Anonymous 12 year

Can you post your robofile that you are using? Its possible that one of the modules is configured to terminate processing which is why the module is not recording at the end of the pipleline. If it works at some point in the pipeline you will have to investigate that each module is doing after that point.

For example, the movement module can be configured to terminate processing such that any other module afterwards will NOT run. The timer module has a similar ability.

Greg Flolid from United States  [6 posts] 12 year
Attached is the file where I am having problems.  The "Write_Avi" statement near the end will not work.

If I move it to the beginning it works fine.  I moved it around and it seems like it stops working if is is after a "Display Rectangle" Statement.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Additionally, it would be very helpful to have a control statement like
a "While" loop or "For Next" loop for execution control.   A "Goto" statement
would even be helpful.  

Is this something very difficult to do?
Anonymous 12 year

Please download v2.42.26 as it has a fix for this issue.

Note that the pipeline is a while or for loop ... that iterates each time a new image is captured. Instead, we look at it from the other perspective and only initialize certain variables on startup that are then used within the loop as needed.

Rather than implementing control functions like goto we are looking into redoing the way you specify a "program" within RoboRealm to make what you are asking for much easier. That should be out in a couple months.

Greg Flolid from United States  [6 posts] 12 year

Thanks, it is encoding now, but there seems to be a bug in the encoded video dimensions.

My video dimension is 720x480, but the dimension of the the encoded video is 564x108.

564x108 is the size, after cropping, of a Marker "cropped" that I use, but then restore the video back to the Marker "Final" which is at 720x480.

The video encodes, but again it sized is 564x108 not 720x480 as it should be.  If I disable the Crop, the encoded video is fine.

I hope this makes sense.


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