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want to calculate distance between 2 point
how can i calculate a distance between 2 point.example i click the mouse at a and then click the mouse at b..then the distance a...
9 years 5 3241
Wall socket detection and data.
Hi, This is a rather general question. I need some software that is capable of detecting a UK 3pin wall socket and...
8 years 2 1201
WaitVariable - how to use it
I wrote an application in Delphi. Application utilize Robo-Realm (see attached RRTest.Pas procedure) to analyze image (Temporary...
3 years 15 1356
Waiting for keypress
This is an old thread, but the program does not load. Has the syntax changed since t...
5 years 2 774
Waiting for a new image
hi! in roborealm API functions,the function "Waiting for a new image" have not any timeout variable.
9 years 3 1121
as it relates the RoboRealmSimulation service to RoboRealm Interface?...
11 years 2 1296
Voice profiles for listen
Is there any way to get face recognition to select the appropriate voice profile for the listen module?  I can get the...
7 years 2 2012
Vivotek wireless camera
Can someone please help me to get roborealm working on my vivotek camera. ...
9 years 11 2102
Visually Guided Reaching and Grasping
Hello, I thought some of you might be interested in a recent video I made of my robot tracking two...
8 years 1 961
Visual targeting of shapes on a computer screen?
Can you point me in the right direction. I want to have my webcam pointed at the screen and have it recognise shapes and have it...
2 years 7 702
Visual Programming Language
In microsoft visual programming language (vpl) how do you use the roborealm services? There are three services for roborealm lis...
5 years 2 811
Visual odometry
Hi everyone. Isn't there a way to use something called, "visual odometry" using a roborealm module? I hear it'...
8 years 5 2096
visual odometry
Hello, Is the visual odometry  module still...
10 years 1 1131
visual line following
hi steven I see the tutorial but I don't understand some function. if i want to chec...
3 years 12 1540
visual data scraper
would I be able to use this in tandem with a Python program to scrape web data? first training it with each website and then let...
2 years 4 627
Visual c++ 6.0 debugging problem
First, here is the code I try to run: #include <windows.h> #include <...
11 years 3 1075
Visual basic interface
Is there a complete description somewhere of how to use Roborealm variables and functions for VB? F...
5 years 7 1811
Visual Anchor with one or two static images?
Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to use the Visual Anchor module to compare a static image...
10 years 3 1268
Visual Anchor values jump on Re-Acquire
Visual Anchor re-acquire produces jumps in the anchor numbers. I tried to upload an AVI demonstrating this but it kept hanging s...
6 years 2 1171
Visual Anchor module vs. encoder?
I have a question concerning the visual anchor module. I know it can track the x axis for use as a visual compass, but what abou...
10 years 3 1303

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