XP sp3 reboots when bluetooth establishes connection w/ boebot in Roborealm
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16 year
In the past Roborealm worked great w/ my previous computer(also an sp3), although I spent a very long time trying to install my bluetooth adapter the proper way. I've just changed my computer, an xp sp3 and I installed my bluetooth. However, when I open up my project in roborealm and run it, the computer reboots. This doesn't happen if I simply establish the connection w/o running roborealm. I know the problem must lie in the installation problem of my bluetooth, but I really can't find the exact source of its problem.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?
Anonymous 16 year
Not that we are aware of. Can you try starting up RoboRealm while holding down the CTRL key and see if it reboots then? Perhaps it is not specific to bluetooth but something in the directX world.

It that works try adding back in the modules you had until it does reboot. Then we can be sure it is the bluetooth module or not. Also, which module are you using with bluetooth? The Lego NXT?

Le from United States  [5 posts] 16 year
after some trials I found that this doesnt just happen in Roborealm. It happens even when I connect to different devices using other softwares. My linksys dongle worked fine on my previous computer, but why is it causing the reboot on my computer now? They're both dells and sp3, except the one I have now has better hardware.
Anonymous 15 year

You might want to check how many other USB devices you have connected to your machine. We have experienced some cases when too many devices are connected will draw too much power and cause the machine to reset (bluescreen). You can get around this by adding a powered usb hub that has a single connection to your computer.

Otherwise, you'd probably best be to continue your discussion with dell as it might be a hardware issue of some sort ....

Le from United States  [5 posts] 15 year
I tried a different bluetooth dongle and now it works fine. Thanks!

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