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Frame Rate Performance
Hi RR Experts, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to improve the frame rate...
17 year 1 2654
I would like to know if thise wirless networked camera is compatiblewith Roboreal. (D-Link)...
17 year 2 2880
Character recognition
Hi, I am question about Roborealm. Is there a function to recognize numbers and words by th...
17 year 2 2944
Firefighting Robot (Urgent)
dear Steven, Ive been able to establish the serial communication with my robot but another problem is addi...
17 year 2 2712
Photoelectric Eye
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use a photoelectric sensor as an input that could be used as an external sign...
17 year 5 4570
Changing webcam resolution
Hi, Does anyone have an idea how to change the webcam resolution by using the Programming A...
17 year 2 4688
about grabbing images from within the script..
hello, to make things short, im fiddeling with this great piece of software, but i cant get...
17 year 5 2621
API server, multiple filters
last time i reported a problem when using the RR API and multiple RGBFilters. After the first 2 or so it s...
17 year 4 2737
Hi, I am trying to recognize character using RoboRealm (like "1 2 3 P") but seems it is not possible to do this. Is th...
17 year 3 2880
Extensions VS API
I'm a Hardware guy, but I do C Fw for Pics and some VB on the PC. I'm learning C#, what woudl be easier for me to star...
17 year 4 2724
Recording an objects position
Hi im new to this program and haven't even cracked it open yet, but i had a quick question
17 year 6 2587
Texture and terrain recognition
Hi there, I am currently working on a project that is somewhat similar to the DARPA urban challenge, exce...
17 year 5 4885
PPM files
I'm going by your C# example. I created a project and a form with 2 buttons. The first button does
17 year 0 3506
Servo motor simulator
Hi! I have 0 budget. However with me now, I have a laptop, and a workable web cam. However,...
17 year 2 7135
Accessing individual pixels
Hi, How do I access individual pixels to compute some new arithmetic on it. Thanks
17 year 3 2796
Track lowest point of an object
How do I track the lowest point of an object such as the one in the picture? (I wanna track the red dot) <...
17 year 2 2999
IP cam and more 3d/range issues
Is it possible to connect livestreams form cameras already on the net to RR? I can't find any references...
17 year 1 2653
first try: interfacing with parallax servo controler
Hi all, I have read through the tutorial on the web controlled camera.  I want to do something s...
17 year 8 4109
Update rate
I have a webcam on a pantilt hooked up to a serializer (www.roboticsconnection.com). I have a c# app getting the COG of...
17 year 2 2684
Missing Interface File for MSRS?
Hello, I am trying to use RoboRealm in conjunction with Microsoft Robotics Studio by following the instructions here
17 year 4 2649

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