Steve from China  [2 posts]
17 year
Hi, I am trying to recognize character using RoboRealm (like "1 2 3 P") but seems it is not possible to do this. Is there a function in RoboRealm to do this or do you have a plan to develop one? Or what is the alternative ways (otheer software) to do this?
17 year
Hi Steve,

It depends on what kind of image you are working with. We currently do not have OCR capabilities in RoboRealm. While this is a planned feature it will not be ready for many months. If you have a sample image please upload it and we can take a quick look to see if any other techniques may apply.

Steve from China  [2 posts] 17 year
OK, I upload the pictures. It is a code on a tooth paste. I tried several products available in the market (like DVT) but seems it is not easy for them. (or I am not knowledgeable enough for the software). I am interesting if you have any idea on how to identify such kind of character stablely. thx

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